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Why Bananas Are So Good For You

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Bananas are well known for being undeniably delicious but did you know that this fruit is hiding a few secrets? All neatly dressed up in their smart yellow suit, they're packed full of good stuff that will keep your body, skin, hair and heart in tip top condition. Oh, and did we mention they're delicious already?

Fruit for the Office are strong believers in the power of bananas and we've been sending boxes upon boxes of the things to support UNICEF at events, including London Marathon, Prudential RideLondon and Brighton Marathon.

If you think we're going a bit bananas over the long, yellow fruit, read on and find out why it's really a banana a day that keeps the doctor away!

Potassium Power

Everyone knows that bananas are packed full of potassium but do you know why it's so important? This vital nutrient helps regulate blood pressure, keeping the love muscle working at its best and reducing the likelihood of heart-related illnesses. Potassium is also great for the bones as it helps to reduce calcium excretion, keeping bones strong and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

Tummy Troubles

High in fibre, bananas will clear your system in no time to make sure that you maintain healthy bowel movements. So if you've been spending a lot of time thinking about the toilet, a banana could be a natural alternative to alleviate digestive problems. Also, if you've been suffering from diarrhea an under ripe (green) banana can help keep things solid whereas if your complications are caused by constipation then an over ripe (completely yellow with brown spots) will get things moving. Saves you having to buy two remedies for these common digestive problems - and you get a bit of your 5-a-day!

Brilliant B6

There's so many different types of B vitamin but the humble banana is bursting with the B6 kind. B6 has so many benefits including blood production, strengthening the nervous system, aiding weight loss, protecting against heart attacks and type 2 diabetes, preventing kidney stones and even alleviating depression. It's the vitamin that does it all and it's stuffed inside every banana ready for you to reap the benefits - and enjoy a delicious piece of fruit.

Immunity Booster

If you've been feeling the effects of every cough, sneeze and sniffle, you could be suffering from a lowered immune system. Chomping on a banana can help speed up production of white blood cells, thanks to the cytolcin it contains, which can help to strengthen your immune system.

Stop Stomach Ulcers

Excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach can cause painful stomach ulcers but bananas can not only prevent them, they can also help to treat ulcers alongside medication. Bananas help to create a thick, protective barrier in the stomach that can help to protect against impending or existing damage.

Diet Saviour

Low in calories and fat but high in nutrients and energy so bananas are the perfect snack for weight loss. They'll keep you feeling full and energised with natural sugars to keep you going without weighing you down.

Banana Beauty

High in moisture, it's great for maintaining the condition of healthy skin and hair. Just eating these potassium powerhouses will go a long way to helping you look your best but if you can bear not tasting one of your office fruit bananas and instead mashing them up into one of our easy peasy natural face or hair mask - you'll reap even more of the benefits. Who knew eating delicious food could make you so gorgeous?!

Gym Buddy

Bananas are perfect for exercising - not as extremely light dumbbells, however! Eat one an hour before heading to the gym or for a run for natural - and sustained - energy. Bananas won't make blood sugar levels spike so you won't fizzle out halfway through your workout! Then, after your workout, bananas can help with blood flow, muscle repair and even stop the dreaded cramp. Partial to a banana but don't fancy one every single day you go to the gym? Check out our list of other perfect pre and post workout snacks!

Instant Happiness

Eating delicious fruit should make you happy anyway but bananas contain tryptophan that - upon entering the bloodstream - converts into serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good chemical and gives you an amazing mood boost. So eating a banana, alongside therapy or medication, can be perfect for depression, PMS and stress. Next time you're feeling the strain at work, eat a banana as it may just make your day at the office that little bit better!

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