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How to Keep Your Boss Happy

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Whether you've been working for your boss for three weeks or three years, it may feel like you still don't know how to keep him or her happy. 

From making sure that their fruit order is absolutely spot on to sending a luxury fruit basket to that corporate client your boss really doesn't want to deal with, Fruit for the Office are letting you in on some secrets that can keep your boss from breathing down your neck and have them singing your praises instead.

Pick up the Slack

Your boss can’t do everything and it’s highly likely that they might be a bit too proud (read: embarrassed) to ask for help when they’re meant to look like the big cheese. If there’s a project you know your boss is working on and they look like they've slept at their desk to get it done - put your hand up and help out, they’ll never forget it. And if they don’t want to admit they need help? Just make sure their coffee order is doubled every morning.

Be Perfect

Overheard your boss needs someone to take minutes at meetings? Get learning online. Listened to him moan about the filing system the last office manager implemented? Take a few spare hours and organise it just how they’d like it. Office missing a first aider since Steve left? Get yourself on a one-day course. You need to make yourself indispensable, the more things you can do, the happier your boss will be and the more pay rises and promotions you’ll be put up for. Also, if your boss chokes on their elevenses, you can put your first aiding to good use, save their life with a perfect Heimlich and get in their good books in a much more dramatic, ‘I owe you my life’ kind of way. Have them say no to an extra holiday day after that!

Pick up on Pickiness

Your boss needs to know that every single thing you order is up to their – ludicrously high – standards. Take one less load of your mind and set up a repeat order with Fruit for the Office. Each piece of fruit is meticulously inspected for quality and if your boss storms in to the office one day proclaiming that they suddenly had enough of bananas (how could they?!), you can rest easy knowing that you can easily change your order by phone, email or online form. Especially when your boss realises a few hours later that it wasn't bananas they didn't like, it was plums instead. Sigh…

Deal with It

You know exactly which clients your boss does and doesn't like – because you’re always in the office to offer a listening (thinking about what to have for lunch) ear to their woes. But rather than thinking about that delicious bakery someone in Marketing recommended to you, keeping track of who they can’t bear to talk to will keep you in their good books. Screen their calls and ask them if they want to have ‘stepped out for a minute’ or ‘ran away to Switzerland’ when client-who-shall-not-be-named rings to request a conference call. Also, help keep clients unaware that the boss uses their photo on a dart board by sending a luxury fruit basket every so often – they’ll never know if they’re stuffing themselves with perfectly sweet grapes.

Have a perfectly happy boss and want to share your secrets (office witchcraft)? Or do you just have any survival tips on how to work in a real-life version of Devil Wears Prada? Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know!

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