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Fruit Picking Holidays and Gap Years Around the World

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You could say we're fruit obsessed here. Fruit in all our meals, smoothies after workouts, we even only drink exclusively fruit based liquours in our after work cocktails (Got to get the extra two for our seven a day somewhere!)

So when we choose our summer holidays or gap years, they have to be somewhere we feel at home - and our homes are full of fruit.

Fruit for the Office has rounded up the coolest places you can visit to experience how fruit is harvested around the world - and how some of it ends up in your office fruit delivery!

Farming for a Gap Year in Israel 

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc
It's totally still in vogue to go vintage, right? So why not go on a gap year from the 70s and head to Israel to work in a Kibbutz this Summer. Practically utopian societies, picking fruit will be worth the hard graft just to be given food, board and the chance to meet some of the incredible people that Kibbutz communities breed. You can even forgo the fields and work preparing all the delicious fruit that you'll recognise from your office fruit deliveries - trust us, it'll be the only thing you miss from your office whilst on holiday.

Wine Tasting From Dangerous New Heights

Photo Credit: picdrops via Compfight cc
There's nothing like a trip to a vineyard. Jetting off to a beautiful part of France, Italy or even California, boozing on wine under the beaming sunshine and even being allowed to stomp on the grapes with your bare (and hopefully clean) feet. But how about trying an Italian vineyard? On a steep rock face? Above a river? Are we asking too many questions? (It must be all the wine going to our heads...) Pack some walking boots and a taste for heights and marvel as bunches of grapes are plucked from the sheer slopes of Riberia Sacra (the holy river bank). Whilst you gasp as the pickers hang one hand precariously from a rock with a crate of fruit under the other arm you'll be glad that your office fruit deliveries are given the care and attention of our drivers - because you'd definitely end up with a bruised plum or ten if we delivered via rock climb.

Fruit Picking in the Outback

Photo Credit: Nico Nelson via Compfight cc
Australia is the ultimate destination for work or play. Holiday makers, backpackers and gap year takers alike flock to The Great Barrier Reef, The Opera House and, above all, the famous Outback. Fruit pickers in the area are in high demand and once you've collected your first harvest, you'll be literally gasping for some coconut water or sweet oranges. Remember, as the seasons do a full 360 Down Under, you'll be highly sought after in December and January - making it the perfect destination for a Winter getaway. But don't mistake an Australian summer for a British one, you seriously need to pack your factor 50 or you'll be laughed off Bondi Beach by the real bronzed beauties. You may also want to pack some pretty heavy duty bug spray and a knowledge of the local wildlife when picking fruit, unless you're particularly partial to a banana that's home to a tarantula - a definite plus to ordering your office fruit from us - a definite lack of venomous creatures.

Losing Work to a Coconut Monkey

Photo Credit: kevinzim via Compfight cc
Monkeys are proven to be genetically close to humans so how ridiculously unfair is it that they are in higher demand for coconut picking in Thailand than us? Well, if you watch them scramble up trees to collect around 300 coconuts a day, you'll understand why! Sip fruit fizzy fruit drinks from plastic bags and watch as their owners feed them their pay - freshly picked bananas - and you may even catch some of the monkeys racing to be the fastest in impromptu competitions (but you haven't seen the speed that any of the Fruit for the Office workers can vertically climb when we're promised delicious coconuts) As a fruit tourist, Thailand is home to more exotic fruit than you can shake a coconut tree at such as snakefruit, santol, rose apples, mangos and the widely proclaimed 'king of fruit': the durian. Banned in several countries due to its horrendous odour, if you can stomach the smell you'll be treated to a taste worth the temporary nostril burn. Also, the smell might keep the monkeys at bay long enough for you to secure a job fruit picking (because we'd gladly be paid in bananas)

Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know which country has the best fruit and leave a comment below if you've visited any of the places we've mentioned!

Friday, 15 August 2014

#TeamUNICEF - Prudential RideLondon 2014

Fruit for the Office are proud to say that we've supplied bananas to keep athletes going at yet another charity event and this time it was Prudential RideLondon!

Held on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of August 2014, Fruit for the Office were given the incredible opportunity to support UNICEF and all those who exhausted themselves and pushed themselves to the very limit when they cycled 100 miles (cut a few miles short this year though, thanks to some summer showers!) on behalf of #TeamUNICEF.

We donated boxes of our favourite - and tastiest - energy replenishers to UNICEF's cyclists to help them re-energise after a course so long we can only describe it as absolutely bananas.

UNICEF have informed us that our delicious banana donations were well-received by the exhausted and very hungry #TeamUNICEF cyclists, and we're overjoyed to donate to such a worthwhile charity.

If you were cycling at Prudential RideLondon on behalf of UNICEF, check your goody bags and you'll find a 50% off voucher from Fruit For the Office - lucky you! 

Catch the action as it happened on this great Storify that UNICEF put together and, who knows, it may just inspire you to take part next year! (And to come sample some delicious fruit from your favourite office and charity fruit supplier...)

Well done to everyone who took part and if you're amazing enough to be supporting UNICEF at another event this year, you may just be lucky enough to sample our lovely bananas again!

Tweet us @office_fruit to find out where we'll be supporting UNICEF next, or leave us a comment below if you were at RideLondon!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Get Your Fashion 5 a Day with Fruity Prints

Trying to get your 5-a-day? Necklace, earrings, shoes, shirt and skirt?

Fruit prints are a huge hit this Summer so you can show off your love for sweet, healthy treats - no matter what the occasion.

Look chic in fruit print blouses at the office whilst you treat yourself to your fruit delivery, feel hot at happy hour with stunning fruit jewellery and when you take your week off work, you can look as tropical as the beach you're tanning on in a fruit print bikini.

And we know that everyone has different tastes so, just like our tailor made fruit deliveries, we have something for everyone.

Pineapple Print Scarf - Missguided - £5.99
Fruit Print Bodycon Midi Dress - Topshop - £20

Pineapple Print Sundress - Topshop - £20
Pineapple Motif Jumper - Topshop - £38

Lemon Print Bandeau Top - Topshop - £30
Lemon Print Skort - Topshop - £34

Gold Look Cherry Bunch Necklace - Topshop - £8.50
Fruit Print Tee - Topshop - £38

Fruit Print Trousers - Topshop - £45
Fruit Print Cut Out Swimsuit - Topshop - £40

Fruit Print Bikini Top - Topshop - £30
Fruit Print High Waisted Bikini Bottoms - Topshop - £25

Fruit Print Bodycon Sweetheart Dress - Topshop - £12

Lemon Print Unitard Jumpsuit - Topshop - £48

Lemon Print Leggings - Topshop - £22

Fruit Print Bralet Scuba Playsuit - Topshop - £12
Lemon Print Crop Tee - Topshop - £28

Lemon Print Bodycon Dress - Topshop - £32
Navy Pineapple Print Jumper - River Island - £15

Lemon Print Oversized Tee - Topshop - £38
Pineapple Print Purse - River Island - £15

Cherry Print Wire Hair Wrap - River Island - £6

Pineapple Playsuit - Missguided - £19.99

Lemon Print Bodycon High 
Waisted Skirt - Topshop - £22
Pineapple Kimono - Missguided - £19.99
Pineapple Kimono - Missguided - £19.99

Strawberry Crop Top - Missguided - £9.99
Pineapple Bodysuit - Missguided - £11.99

Pineapple Runner Shorts - Missguided - £7.99
Pineapple Boyfriend Tee - Missguided - £9.99
Pineapple Crop and Shorts Co-ordinate -
Missguided - £12.99/£14.99
Strawberry Print Playsuit - Missguided - £14.99


Any amazing fruit fashion we've missed on the high street? Fancy a designer version? Tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below to let us know!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Your Office Fruit Delivery Journey

Ever wondered just what we go through to get that delicious box of fruit to your office? Here's how we do it, from 8pm at night when all the packing gets underway til' noon when all our deliveries are done.


Remember those swaps and changes you rung in or emailed our office with? Our packing team start preparing the boxes by reading your specific instructions, making sure we have exactly what you ordered for delivery next day.

The boxes are then made snug and comfy, ensuring every piece of fruit we pack will be treated like a star (fruit) and will arrive to you as natural looking as it was when it was picked.


Our expert fruit buying team then go out and purchase all the fruit, fresh from the market. There's no storage in our unit so you can be assured that it's picked, purchased then packed - ready for you to enjoy delicious fruit - the way nature intended.

However, we do have a fancy warming room for our bananas to bring on the certain stages of ripeness that our customers prefer.


The fruit is then packed ready for distribution!

2am onwards

The fruit is loaded onto one of our special Fruit for the Office vans in order of the delivery route.

You can rest assure that even if your box is last on our route that all our fruit is refrigerated in the van until delivery!

The fruit is being delivered to floors, areas, security boxes, loading bays, receptions and every other type of premises you can think of - and that you've chosen!

We always note the earliest time for access to the customers office – we try to get there for when they’re open, predetermining a drivers route from depot to your office in order of earliest access.

Most customers open at 9:00am so it’s hard to be everywhere at once – but we don’t get many calls for lateness so those drivers are definitely doing it right!

Other than instances with unforeseen circumstances such as road traffic instances, road closures or major events – we’re usually finished by mid day if not before.


This is when our other dream team arrives at our offices in Essex. So if you do find you have a problem with delivery our office is ready to take your calls and emails from 09:00am and will be able to contact the drivers.


Time for lunch we think! Or if you're a driver, time for a sleep..

Tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below and let us know how you think we're doing as a company!

Friday, 25 July 2014

8 Reasons Why Citrus Fruits and Vitamin C Are So Good For You

Photo Credit: ginnerobot via Compfight cc

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but who knew that lemons, limes and oranges are also on the list of fruits that puts an appointment at bay?

Not only do we have all your favourite citrus fruits ready to deliver to your office - we now have Nardacott tangerines and clementines in season!

So let you favourite office fruit supplier tell you how all of these vitamin C filled wonders will benefit not only your day at work - but your future health!

1. Immunity Boosting

All citrus fruits contribute to your daily requirement of Vitamin C and a single grapefruit has 88mg - almost an entire days worth. Vitamin C is vital to improving your immunity, keeping you free from everything from infections to pesky colds and flus.

2. Skin Beautifying

As we age it's inevitable that our skin may not look as perky and perfect as it once did. But citrus fruits are packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of which not only help slow down the process but can also help with common skin ailments! But remember all of our amazing fruits can help contribute to beautiful body, skin and mind!

3. Heart Disease Preventing

Heart disease is caused by blocked arteries. Blocked arteries are normally due to consuming unhealthy food and leading an unhealthy lifestyle e.g. addictions, lack of exercise. Most citrus fruits, such as oranges, contain flavonoids like hesperidin which prevent your arteries from getting blocked by reducing cholesterol. Of course, these amazing flavonoids can also help protect you from other cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks. Fruit- the natural disease fighter!

4. Eyesight Enhancing

We've spoke about our skin deteriorating with age and how citrus fruit can slow down the effects of time. But did you know that citrus can help with the effects ages has on our eyes? Rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, a daily helping of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit or lemon are great for your eyes. 

5. Brain Developing

Folic acid present in citrus fruit is great for promoting brain development and keeping your thinking muscle in pitch perfect condition. Folic acid is also amazing for pregnant women so make sure you incorporate citrus fruits in your diet to ensure your baby is born as healthy as you! 

6. Sperm Quality Improving

Trying for a baby or just want to make sure you're set for the day you do decide to have kids? The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in citrus fruits helps to improve fertility by ensuring the quality and motility of your sperm.

7. Fibre Filling

Citrus fruits are full of fibre which not only helps to keep you regular, it keeps your stomach and intestines healthy. A fibre rich diet - full of other fruits as well - will ensure that you don't have to head to the doctors with stomach ulcers, diarrhoea or constipation.

8. Hair Growing

Want amazing, soft, full-bodied hair? Citrus fruit and it's vitamins/antioxidants help to produce collagen which is responsible for keeping you in the business of long flowing locks. So be sure to keep eating your clementines for amazing head of hair. Of course, if you need an extra boost you can also mash up the leftovers of your office fruit delivery and make fruit hair masks!

What's your favourite citrus fruit? Be sure to tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below to tell us!

Need to hear more about citrus fruits and the benefits of Vitamin C? Try:

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Day in the Life of... Office Manager @ FFTO

Sometimes it feels weird to be ordering (or thinking of ordering) from a company and not knowing anything about them. I mean, do the employees have Casual Friday, do they prefer tea or coffee, are they fruit ordering robots or people...?

So, we felt the best way to let you get to know our family-owned office fruit delivery company a bit better was by asking employees what they do on an average day - whether it's at our admin office in Greater London or at our fruit packing warehouse in Central London.

Callie, our office manager, works at our Essex office and spends her day doing every job under the sun - from making sure that office fruit orders are taken, to dealing with customer queries and even running the social media! So here's her (busy!) day in the life:

What is your title at work? 

Office manager

What gets you out of bed in the morning for work? (A song, a pet, amazing food, looking forward to something at work?) 

Generally knowing that there is so much to be done at the office. The phone starts ringing before the office opens at 09:00am so I have to be prompt when arriving!

What do you eat for breakfast and do you have it at home or work?

 I prefer not to eat first thing in the morning as I’m normally rushing around (oops) so it’s usually a banana on the way to work, or when I arrive a nice cup of tea and some berries.

Do you get made and dressed up for work or does it depend on what’s happening that day? 

We’re quite causal here at FFTO so unless I have meetings or we’re heading out after work it’s jeans and a tee!

How do you get into work? 

We’re a local family run business so many of us travel in by car.

What do you do as soon as you get into work? 

Kettle on, and answer the phone meanwhile. Normally crack a joke with accounts that start MEGA early, to start the day off right.

You’ve turned on your computer, what’s the first thing you do? 

We get a lot of enquiries about our services so I like to get back to those emails straight away! We communicate with our night time staff via email so I like to check that all deliveries are going out okay and if I need to contact any of our drivers or clients first thing.

Any meetings you have to attend? 

At present we’re interviewing for a few positions in the office, so it’s great meeting so many new people who are so interested in what we’re doing here. Lovely to get great feedback from individuals who may not have heard of the unique service we offer! Sometimes I attend new client meets to reassure our customers we’re regular ol’ humans organising their fruit deliveries, and that we know our stuff ;)

It’s time for elevenses, what do you grab for?

An apple! Fitting in the new scheme of 7-a-day means that I’m eating so much fruit, so regularly!

What work do you need to get done today?

I’m currently rearranging our office to accustom for the new starters. We’re growing so quickly we need new desks! I'm usually pestering our Directors about something, and it's great working for a small company in that they're so heavily involved and available. Today I need to ask our Head Buyer, Tom, if we can add a few new products to the website!

Is there much office banter or is it normally just rounds of tea, biscuits and pleasantries?

The tea flows all day, one of us is usually making! We’re all ladies here so it’s pretty polite… most of the time. We do have a hula hoop for a mad half hour; which tends to happen quite regularly when our nutty director, Lesley, is in the office!

Lunch at the desk or lunch out?

Lunch out! Working in a small office means that you never escape the ring of the telephone. A nice brisk walk helps refresh the brain, especially in the current sunshine! 

Do you have fruit in your office & do you find it improves staff health & productivity?

Yes! We prefer chopped fruit packs as it can take time to prepare when you're busy, although everybody gets excited in the summer when we have melon or pineapple to cut up. We eat a lot of fruit here as we have to lead by example! We do have treats in the office, but when you’re constantly talking about fruit it does make you crave a banana or an apple.

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about Fruit for the Office and what goes on behind that delicious box of fruit you get delivered to your office.

If you want to see more of these 'A Day in the Life of...' blogs, tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment down below to let us know.

And, as always, give us a ring or an email if you're interested in an office fruit delivery or fruit gift basket in the London area and you might even get a response from the office manager herself - you lucky thing!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Bored of Buckingham? The Only Places You Should Be Visiting in London

Photo Credit: La Citta Vita via Compfight cc
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." 
There's nothing worse than trying to find a new place to visit in London - whether you've got a friend coming to visit that you want to impress or you're fed up with eating the same lunch day in, day out.
So stop Googling 'London attractions' or 'London places to go' and getting the usual Buckingham Palace and Science Museum (Yawn!) Look through our list and find out the coolest, slightly secret places to go in London that you may never have heard of.


East End London Food Tour
Meets close to Liverpool Street Station
Morning departures every day (except Sundays)

Eat your way around the East End on this guided walking tour. There's all manner of Cockney cuisine from cockels to pie and mash!

11 Plough Yard, EC2A 3LP
Games available to book every day.

Being trapped in a room might not sound like a great day out but ClueQuest locks you in a room full of puzzles, riddles and challenges. You and your team have got an hour to get out. Can you solve ClueQuest?

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising
2 Colville Mews, W11 2AR
Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm. Sunday: 11am-5pm. Closed Monday.

It's like playing the Logo Game outdoors! This London museum is not as well known as the others but it means you can look at the exhibits you want without having to crane over the heads of 20 others until it gets too much to bear and you have to resort to moderate tutting - we are in London after all.

Truefit & Hill
71 St James's Street, SW1A 1PH
Monday-Saturday: 8.30am-5.30pm. Closed Sunday.

Feel like a true London gentleman at the oldest barber shop in the world. Enjoy a luxury cut throat shave and hot towel - just make sure your barber isn't called Sweeney Todd...

Locations in Notting Hill, Chelsea, Soho, One New Change and Topshop Oxford Circus
Opening times vary by location.

Waxing definitely isn't something to get excited about but it is at Strip as their waxing is almost painless! The wax also smells amazing with choices including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, you'll be smooth and good enough to eat.

Photo Credit: Kai Hendry via Compfight cc
Secret Cinema
(Secret) Locations depend on event.
(Secret) Times vary by event.

The clue is in the name as is this cinema keeps the locations of their events on the hush-hush. Huge showings include the Shawshank Redemption shown in a make-shift prison and a viewing of The Grand Budapest Hotel in a fake Grand Budapest Hotel! Next up this Summer is Back to The Future and you can explore Hill Valley from 1955, 1985 and the very futuristic iteration of 2015. If you like to really get immersed in your films, here's where to do it.

1 Garrick Road, NW9 6AA
Times depend on tour.

Love exquisite and iconic costumes? They were probably made at Angels. Small tours are run around the premises, giving you a unique look at thousands upon thousands of intricately made costumes that you've only seen on the small or silver screen.

The Berkeley
Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RL
1pm-5.30pm every day.

Afternoon tea for the fashion elite is here with cakes and desserts designed to look exactly like their catwalk counterparts. The menu even changes twice a year to reflect A/W and S/S trends! Expect Miu-Miu meringues and Chanel cookies.

Photo Credit: mujerboricua via Compfight cc

Soho's Secret Tea Room
Upstairs at the Coach & Horses, 29 Greek St, W1D 5DH
12-6pm every day.

A vintage tea room hidden away from bustling Soho will make you feel like you've discovered a sweet, scone covered gem.

Karaoke Box
Locations in Mayfair, Soho and Smithfield
Opening times vary by location.

Love to sing but hate crooning in front of a huge crowd? Try Karaoke Box, small rooms inspired by East Asia where you can blast out ballads with no-one to mock you - except your friends.

Scenario Bar & Loading Bar & London Game Space
97 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, N16 8BX
Events and opening times vary.

Three venues squeezed into one makes for a great mix of events. London Game Space allows those in the games industry to mingle and co-work whilst Scenario and Loading provide amazing game themed cocktails - an amazing place to visit for techy types.

Photo Credit: achimh via Compfight cc

Prince Charles Cinema
7 Leicester Pl, WC2H 7BY
Showing times and events vary.

Wish you could watch old films on the big screen? At Prince Charles Cinema you can watch anything from new releases to black and white classics with themed events available all the time. Pyjama sleepover horror movie marathon, anyone?

Wam Bam Club
The Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Sq, WC1B 4DA
Show every Saturday night, other events at varying times.

Burlesque is a huge trend right now and it shows no signs of faltering. An amazing mix of cabaret, comedy and, of course, a lot of tease - Wam Bam Club will fulfil your pin-up fantasies.

Hyper Japan
Earls Court One, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, SW5 9TA
25-27 July 2014.

Japanese culture is so rich and varied, from its beautiful, traditional history to the futuristic Tokyo of today. Hyper Japan allows you to experience it all over just a day or an entire 3-day weekend by enjoying sushi tastings or trying your hand at dressing as an adorable Lolita.

Photo Credit: db Photography | Demi-Brooke via Compfight cc

East End Thrift Store
Unit 1A, Assembly Passage, E1 4UT
Sunday-Wednesday: 11am-6pm. Thursday-Saturday: 11am-7pm.

An obsession with vintage can become incredibly expensive but East End Thrift Store allows you to Supermarket Sweep your way through clothes from the past. Pay for a bag, fill it up and off you go with several outfits crammed inside.


Locations in Soho and Camden
Opening times vary by location.

Bubble Tea is an interesting drink originating from Taiwan but it can be done poorly if you go to the wrong place. Try Mooboo and you can taste all kinds of delicious variations, with fruity and milky varieties available all including the famous 'bubbles' at the bottom.

Chin Chin Labs
49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF
Open every day 12pm-7pm.

Even seen Heston Blumenthal blitz food using liquid nitrogen? That's how Chin Chin Labs make all their ice cream. Decked out to look like a lab, the ice cream is deliciously smooth thanks to the super quick freezing process.

2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6GY
Opening times vary by unit.

This pop-up mall features all kinds of shops, from Korean food to clothes. Get a taste of hipster-tastic Shoreditch in one convenient location.

Texted the location on the night, just make sure you're along the Ginger Line (London Overground)
Times and dates vary by event.

A secret event that changes theme every time. Sign up, make sure you're near a London Overground station and wait for your text telling you which station to meet at. Secret and very chic, you never know what will happens next - and we can't tell you!

Photo Credit: MsSaraKelly via Compfight cc


Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know your favourite London spot or leave us a comment below if you've visited any of our favourites!

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