Friday, 15 November 2019

A day in the life....Head of Admin & Marketing

For this week's blog, I decided to let you in on how my day works here at Fruit For The Office. My name's Rachel, and I'm the Head of Admin & Marketing - the beauty of a small team is you get to wear many hats! So what does my typical day look like?


I get in and start my day by reading through my emails, either from our Dispatch Unit overnight, or from any eager customers wanting to adjust their orders. I enjoy a lovely (decaf!) coffee, and settle in.


As my job is so varied my main tasks for the day can be quite different, but usually I'll be helping the admin team with orders or queries; answering customer emails; or getting down to some marketing tasks! I usually grab a banana or a pink lady apple around this time too.


I'll usually write a blog (as I am now!) or other content, I find this time of day the best for being creative. If we're recruiting (which we are at the moment!), I'll use this time to contact candidates and arrange interviews.


Lunchtime! I usually spend mine with a homemade chicken and salad wrap, and a good book :)


Back to work! I reply to any emails sent over while I was on my lunch, and get back into the rhythm.


This is  my favourite time of the day, as the main part of the day is over, but there's still enough time to get some productive work in! I'll usually take a look at our social media, or start planning blog posts or other projects. If I'm flagging I'll usually grab have some nuts or dried fruit to keep me going until dinner.


One of my lovely colleagues will finalise all our orders and reports, and then it's home time! Another successful day done.

What is your favourite part of the working day? Let us know @office_fruit! 

Friday, 1 November 2019

What is vomit fruit!?

You may have heard of vomit fruit from I'm a Celebrity... but what on Earth is it!? Read on to find out...

What is vomit fruit?

Vomit fruit is a fruit that is native to southeast Asia and Australasia. It is part of the coffee family, and its proper name is Morinda citrifolia.

It is also called great morinda, Indian mulberry, noni, beach mulberry, cheese fruit, dog dumpling and starvation fruit.

Where does the name "vomit fruit" come from?

It has a particularly strong smell and taste. It is said to taste like "rotten cheese", although the taste changes as the fruit ripens. When unripe it is said to be "spicy and grassy, with hints of horseradish and parmesan". When ripe, it tastes likes "sharp cheese, lemon and vomit".  It is so bad that it is claimed that in Polynesia, shamans use the fruit to ward off evil spirits.

It has such a strong smell that it is recommended not to eat the fruit on its own.

Have you eaten vomit fruit? Let us know @office_fruit!

Friday, 18 October 2019

Profile On: Nectarines

In this update of our Profile On series, we focus on the nectarine!

What is it?

Nectarines are a type of peach, and are part of the Rosacae family. They are a type of stone fruit. Their skin colour can vary from red, orange and yellow, and they have a pit (or stone) inside. Their flesh can be yellow or white. They are round, and look very close to a peach. There are over 100 varieties of nectarine.

Where is it from?

It most likely originated in China more than 2000 years ago, and were cultivated in ancient Persia, Greece and Rome. They are now grown in California, the Mediterranean, South Africa, China and Australia.

Where does its name come from?

The name nectarine comes from a literary adjective from the early 17th century, nectarine, which means "sweet as nectar", or "nectar of the Gods".

How can I tell between a nectarine and a peach?

Nectarines resemble peaches in their colour, size, and the shape of the pit, but there's a very easy way to tell between them at first glance - peaches have a fuzzy skin, whereas nectarines are smooth.

When is it in season?

They are at their best in Summer between late April and late August, but they are available from Chile from December to March

What are the health benefits?

Nectarines provide vitamin A and C, as well as Vitamin E, K, B1, B2 and B3. They contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. They are low in calories, but have 5 calories more than a peach.

Did you know?

They are NOT a cross between a peach and a plum, they are a type of peach.

Photo by Ove Tøpfer from FreeImages

Do you love nectarines? let us know @office_fruit!

Friday, 11 October 2019

6 Things That Make Autumn So Great

You might be sad that Summer is over, but don't despair- here are 6 reasons why Autumn is great!

1. The cold weather starts to creep in
We've all suffered through the Summer heat, so rejoice for that cold breeze!

2. It's the perfect time to start getting cosy!
Between jumpers, blankets, and toasty fireplaces, we love cuddling up with a good book or film!

3. One word - Hallowe'en!
We just love to get spooky, do you?

4. Those special Autumn drinks
Starbucks, we're looking at you!

5. Those dark nights...
When the sun sets faster it just adds to the cosiness. It also means brighter mornings!

6. The beautiful leaves!
We just adore the beautiful red and orange leaves this time of year. Magical!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Let us know @office_fruit!

Friday, 4 October 2019

What's in season in Autumn?

As we're in a new season, it's always good to have a look at what's in season, to see if you can spice up your fruit box. So let's find out which fruits are in season for Autumn!


Apples are always popular, but Autumn is when they really shine! Make sure you've got some in your fruit box, we love Pink Ladies and Braeburn apples!


Figs are delicious, and full of fibre and nutrients. They're not everyone's favourite, but why not give them a go?

Lemons & Limes

These are great to add to hot drinks, and a top benefit is they give you that extra boost of Vitamin C you need to avoid those pesky Autumn and Winter sniffles!


As you may notice, this is the time of year when peaches and nectarines become available, and we add plums in their place.


These are a bit trickier to eat than easy-peel citrus like satsumas, but they are definitely worth it - that tangy taste cannot be beaten! It also gives you lots of Vitamin C, like lemons and limes


These fruits are not as popular as you need to cut them open to get the delicious seeds, but don't miss out on them! They are truly scrumptious if you give them a chance!

What's your favourite Autumn fruit? Let us know @office_fruit!

Friday, 20 September 2019

Can our packaging be recycled?

We know our customers are keen to help the environment, and we get a lot of questions from our customers about whether our packaging can be recycled, so here is our guide to recycling our packaging.

Our fruit bags

The bags that our fruit comes in have two sides, a plastic side and a paper side. To recycle these, you can split the bags in half, and recycle both sides in the corresponding recycling.

Please note you can also request no bags if this is your preference. Just let our admin team know, and we will do our best to ensure the bags are not included. However, the bags are included to prevent any bruising of fruit in transit, so please bear this mind.


There are two options to recycle our boxes:

1. You can leave the boxes out for our drivers to collect when they make their next delivery to you. As long as the box is in the same condition as it was delivered in (that is, not flattened down) we can reuse the box.

2. If you do not want to hang onto your box until your next delivery, you can flatten the box and include it in your regular cardboard recycling.

Boxes for nuts, dried fruit and chopped fruit

If you receive our large boxes of nuts or dried fruit, or even our chopped fruit, you will probably receive them in plastic boxes. These can be put in your usual plastic recycling.


If you order one of our fruit baskets, your fruit will be delivered in a wicker basket. While we do not collect these, and they cannot be recycled, they do make lovely displays or even gifts. So if you do receive a basket, why not make someone else's day a bit more special by gifting them a basket, or even just display your fruit in the office to make it even more enticing!

Have any more questions about our packaging? Let us know @office_fruit!

Friday, 13 September 2019

3 things to do to use up uneaten apples

We've all been there when we have a few apples that sit in the fruit bowl, neglected and uneaten. What can you do to make use of them? We've got some ideas for you!

Apple cider

Cider is a surprisingly easy thing to make! The great thing is you can choose any apple you like, they just give a different flavour!

All you need to do is wash, and core the apples, and then make them into a puree by using a blender or food processor. Then, spread some cheesecloth over a container, and pour the pulp into the cloth. The juice will filter through the cloth, and make sure to give it a good squeeze so all the juice comes out! You can store it in the fridge in a container with an airtight lid for up to 7 days. Brilliant!

Apple vodka

Making apple-infused vodka is super simple. Pour vodka into a clean jar or bottle, and cut up the apples. Put the apple pieces into the vodka, and leave to infuse - this can be done for as long as you like, but we would recommend between 12 hours to a week. Once done, remove the apple pieces, and enjoy your your apple-flavoured vodka!

Apple face mask

Turn your uneaten apples into a soothing face mask. The great thing is you can mix together a variety of different things to make your perfect mask! Why not try mashing up some apples, and adding honey, and maybe some oats, to turn it into a scrub?

How do you use up your uneaten apples? Let us know @office_fruit!

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