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5 a Day Keeps Office Stress at Bay

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Everyone knows that we need to eat our 5-a-day to keep ourselves in tip-top condition and that delicious, fresh fruit is the perfect office snack. 

But if you're considering ordering an office fruit delivery or if your London office has just started receiving our bountiful, brown boxes then here's where you can find out what amazing things just 5 portions of fruit a day can do for your office.

5 Office Benefits from Eating your 5-a-day

1) Raises Productivity

A piece of fruit provides energy that won't leave employees crashing into fatigue just half an hour later. A banana rather than a chocolate bar or muffin for elevenses will keep everyone energised, alert and less likely to succumb to the mid-afternoon slump when work quality is most likely to drop. 

2) Appetite Suppressing

Keeping your employees full of good quality, easy to access calories from fruit not only stops the inevitable hunger and boredom induced wander to the vending machine or corner shop, it also keeps the waist line trim, which brings us on to our next benefit...

3) Boosts the Immune System

Employees that maintain a healthy diet and look after their weight are more likely to take less days off sick, thanks to the amount of illness-fighting vitamins they're absorbing from nutrient-dense fruit. By providing fruit, you're protecting your colleagues from sickness and, especially with winter on its way, you'll be sure to notice less sniffly noses, spluttering and sneezing if everyone is snacking on fruit rather than an unhealthy alternative.

4) Morale Boosting

Everyone loves a freebie and by providing fruit for your employees, you're showing that you care about their health, wellbeing and happiness. And when you feel appreciated and cared about, you're always much more motivated to work hard - especially when you've got a punnet of grapes or berries to see you through till 5pm! 

5) Cut Smoking Breaks

Studies have shown that fruit can help people to quit smoking and eating fruit is also an important cancer preventer. So, if you're getting the office involved in Stoptober, be sure to provide them with plenty of fruit to help stave off cravings, keep healthy and provide them with something delicious to focus on instead. You'll be lessening your colleagues chance of cancer, serious illness and also, less people outside smoking means more people inside being productive - and it means you can shut that door leading to the smoking area (a win-win for when it starts to get cold!) 

So, if you're the office manager, PA, receptionist or just a hungry employee that reckons your office would benefit from eating more fruit, you can place your order right now at

We offer Fresh boxes, packed full of a selection of our favourite fruits that come in all different sizes to accomodate the smallest or biggest of offices.

Or, we also provide tailor made boxes so you can pick whichever fruit your office fancies in any quantity you need!

If you want to know more, tweet us @office_fruit or visit our contact page to chat with a member of the Fruit For the Office team.

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