Friday, 8 June 2012

Fruit and veg may help you kick the smoking habit

A study was published by the University of Buffalo in Science Daily yesterday that showed correlation between the cosumption of fruit and veg and the amount of cigarettes a person smokes.

The study found that smokers who ate more fruit and veg were three times more likely to not touch a cigeratte for at least 30 days than people who consumed less fruit and veg.

It also suggested that smokers who consumed more fruit and veg smoked less cigarettes a day. They also smoked their first cigarette later in the day and had a lower score on nicotine dependence.

So, if you're a smoker trying to quit the habit, what tastier, easier and healthier way is there to do it than eating fruit?

Try these options to help you kick the butt:

Carrot Batons

Studies have shown that when quitting smoking, it's sometimes the craving of having something between your fingers that hits the hardest. So the carrot stick is not only a tasty, crunchy snack, it's also a cigarette shaped subsitute to twiddle with - who said playing with your food wasn't good for you?!

Steve Hopson,

A huge reason people rely on smoking, especially during office hours, is to combat stress. Well, bananas - as well as berries, mangos, cherries and kiwi - are rich in vitamin C that produces serotonin that helps relax you like nothing else can. So next time you try to use a smoky cigaratte as a relaxtion tool, think about how much more relaxing, satisfying and delicious fruit would be instead.

So when you next think of stopping smoking, try Fruit for The Office for fruit and veg that will not only help you in your quest but is also delivered directly to your office.

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