Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Top 5 Unhealthy Food Crutches

We all have our food crutches. Those snacks and tipples that we feel we can not get through the day without. More time than not, these crutches are not exactly the healthiest option for us. Here is a list of popular unhealthy food and drink crutches and the alternatives that will help to satisfy the craving.

CRUTCH: Energy Drinks REPLACEMENT: Cup Of Coffee and a Banana
More and more office workers are relying on energy drinks to get them through the day. As well as the handy energy boosting caffeine they also contain a high amount of sugar. Swap your energy drink for a cup of coffee – where you will get your caffeine fix – and a banana. The fruit sugars in a banana are much better for you than those in energy drinks but will still give you the boost you need to get you through the afternoon.

CRUTCH: Chocolate Bar REPLACEMENT: Pineapple
For many, a chocolate bar is the standard way to round off your lunch at work every day. For most people, it is the craving for something sweet that sees them regularly falling back on this familiar crutch. Replace your chocolate bar for some super sweet chopped pineapple to get your sugar fix.

CRUTCH: Ice-cream REPLACEMENT: Frozen Fruit
As the weather gets warmer it becomes almost natural to reach for a lunchtime ice-cream or ice-lolly to cool down. The abundance of cream, fat and sugar in these products mean they should be reserved for extra special treats. Instead try placing some fruit in the freezer to create a much healthier ice cold treat. Grapes, berries and bananas all work well.

CRUTCH: Biscuits REPLACEMENT: Dried Fruit
In offices and homes across the country the general consensus is that a biscuit or two is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. Dried fruit, can provide you with a quick sweet treat to go with your hot beverage. As the fruit has been dehydrated the flavours are more concentrated. Whilst they may be contain more sugars than fresh fruit, the intense flavour will probably mean you eat less.

CRUTCH: Crisps REPLACEMENT: Japanese Rice Crackers
As a nation, Brits eat more crisps than the rest of Europe put together. They’ve become the go-to product for a quick, crunchy afternoon snack. However with each packet containing around 2 and half teaspoons of oil, crisps are certainly not a healthy eating option. Japanese rice crackers on the other hand are a much healthier, low fat option that will fulfil your craving for a crunchy savoury snack.  

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