Friday, 18 April 2014

#EasterFruitFriday - UNICEF @ London Marathon 2014

The capital city of England is none other than the home of Fruit for the Office, your London office fruit supplier...

Oh, it's also home to the London Marathon!

This year, Fruit For the Office were given the incredible opportunity to support UNICEF by donating boxes upon boxes of our famous office fruit (after it went on a strict training regimen to be up to scratch for the marathon, of course)

Shown live on BBC last weekend, all of us were glued to the TV to watch the London Marathon just to see Mo Farah work his hardest and run his fastest - all for Great Britain.

But, between cheering Mo Farah on from the comfort of Fruit for the Office HQ, we were keeping a keen eye out for those running the gruelling 26 mile course - in fetching blue vests, might we add - all to raise money for UNICEF.

Not only were there some amazing UNICEF-supporting humans at the London Marathon (including UNICEF staff member, Claire) - there was an incredibly upbeat and UNICEF-loving bird: Mr Stork!

(He was also surprisingly not worn out or sweaty... Or blinking, for that matter!) 

Fruit for the Office couldn't be happier to have donated our office fruit to a charity as worthy as UNICEF and we can't wait to provide running fuel on their behalf again!

If you were running the London Marathon on behalf of UNICEF, check your goody bag and you'll find a 50% off voucher from Fruit For the Office - lucky you! 

Well done to all those who ran the London Marathon and if you're running on behalf of UNICEF at another event this year, you might be enjoying our delicious bananas again!

Tweet us @office_fruit to find out when we'll be at a run near you, or leave a comment below if you were at the 2014 London Marathon and enjoyed eating bananas donated by a London office fruit supplier!

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