Friday, 17 February 2017

Desk Organisation

When you work in an office, the place you spend most of your time is at your desk. It can soon get cluttered with those every day things - coffee cups, water bottles, a hundred pens that never seem to be used up. Sometimes we find ourselves drowning under paperwork. For those of us that need some help organising our desk (and keeping it organised!), here are some top tips to ensure you never have to do that last-minute-tidy-up-before-the-boss-comes-to-my-desk again...

Create A Physical Inbox

Although this may seem obvious, having a place to put those papers that you *have* to have on your desk will free up a lot of space. Paper trays will help, and if you have a lot of different types of papers to keep organised, a layered paper tray is perfect.

Bin That Rubbish!

This is another obvious one, but if the nearest bin to you is not immediately next to your desk, you are more likely to use other areas, such as drawers or the desk itself, to store those pesky crisp packets, apple cores and drink bottles. Why not invest in a bin to put next to your desk, or if you are not allowed one, a desk bin may be just what you need! Keeping the rubbish off your desk, and in the bin, will also help the area look and feel clean.

Schedule Regular Cleaning Time

Taking a couple of minutes out of your work day to clean and tidy your desk will save hours in the long term. Choose a time that works for you, either when you first get into work or just before you leave, to quickly remove any empty cups, unnecessary paperwork or rubbish, and give a quick swish round with a cleaning wipe.
Keep Pictures, Not Post Its

Post its are a great way of reminding yourself of tasks you need to do, and even passwords, but they can quickly build up.. Instead, try taking a photo of the information on your phone, so you can quickly refer back to them without creating clutter.

Scan Documents

There are some documents which you need to keep copies of (for example tax documents) but you don't need the physical copy. If that's the case, instead of having folders of unnecessary documents, why not scan them into your computer, and keep them in an electronic folder. As long as they are clearly named, you will be able to find them whenever you need to - result!
Keep Those Drawers Organised

If you are lucky enough to have drawers under your desk, try keeping them organised with draw dividers. You can buy them, or create your own using plastic containers. Keeping everything separated will help you find what you're looking for so much faster!

What are your favourite desk organisation tips? Share them with us @office_fruit

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