Friday, 3 March 2017

What Your Favourite Coffee Says About You

Those of us who drink coffee tend to have a go-to favourite coffee drink. Whether it be a straight up espresso, or a fancy frappuccino, there's always that one drink that we grab to get our (much-needed) caffeine fix. But if you've ever wondered what your preferred coffee drink says about you, well, you're in the right place!

Black Americano
If you're a fan of the black americano, you enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle, and you have a straightforward approach to life. You might also be quiet and prone to mood swings. With this simple drink you can start your day without chaos or nonsense!

Those who like espressos like to work hard, and play hard. You love taste of coffee, and don't need milk or water to change it! The quick shot of caffeine that espresso gives you pumps you up for your no doubt hectic day ahead!

If your favourite drink is a latte, then you are probably a very laid back person! You have trouble making decisions as you don't like to over analyse details. You like your morning comforts, and a long milky latte is the ultimate comfort!

Cappuccino lovers are sophisticated, and are polished and put together. You enjoy a creative mindset, and very social. Your morning cappuccino sets you up for a day of creativity and style.

Iced coffee 
If your go-to is an iced coffee, you are an assertive person, and have a take-charge attitude. You've got no time for pettiness or drama, and you are confident in expressing your opinions. Who cares about the weather - you'll drink it come rain or shine!

Frappuccino drinkers are adventurous, spontaneous and live in the moment. You are a happy person with lots of positive energy, which makes you the star of your social circle!. You have plenty of energy without caffeine, but a frappuccino makes coffee fun!

What's your favourite coffee drink? Let us know @office_fruit

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