Friday, 3 February 2017

Our Top 10 Sellers

Being a fruit company, we have access to lots of delicious fruits everyday. But what are our customer's favourite fruits? From the usual to the exotic, we've found out our customers' top 10 favourite fruits:

At number 10: Blueberries 

These little balls of blue goodness are the perfect thing to add to porridge, granola, or just on their own! They are packed full of nutrients but are low in calories, so grab a handful and reap the benefits!

 At numer 9: Kiwi

 Kiwis are small fruits that pack a lot of flavor and plenty of health benefits. Their green flesh is sweet and tangy.

At number 8: Golden Delicious

With a gentle green colour, and a soft inside, these popular apples go like hotcakes!
At number 7: Strawberries

Well, come on now, who doesn't like strawberries!? Great all year round as a snack, or as a dessert with cream!
At number 6: Braeburn

These firm apples have a rich flavour, a reddy-orange appearence and are large in size. 

At number 5: Granny Smith

With a deeper green colour than golden delicious, and a tangy flavour, these are a favourite for those who like their apples to pack a punch!
At number 4: Pears

No matter what variety, our customers love to add pears to their fruit order. 
At number 3: Plums

Whether red, black or even yellow, these plums and juicy stone fruits are always a popular pick for our customers.

At number 2: Mandarins

Whether it be a satsuma, a tangerine, a clementine, or a minneola, our customers just cannot get enough of these easy-peelers with the tangy flavour! 
At number 1: Banana
We're not surprised that this yellow fruit is our number 1 top seller! A banana is packed with with nutrients such as potassium, and is a great snack for a boost of energy, whether you are going for a run or sitting in the office!

What's your favourite fruit in your fruit box? Let us know @office_fruit!

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