Friday, 12 April 2013

#FitFruitFriday - How Good For You is Dried Fruit?

There's nothing better at work than convenience food. But we here at your London office fruit supplier aren't talking about unhealthy fast food - we're talking about delicious dried fruit. It lasts much longer than the fresh stuff, is readily available at most shops and is easy to snack on throughout the day. But is it good for you? We did the research...

  • Watch out for added ingredients

Some dried fruits masquerade as healthy treats but check the pack and you might be shocked to find oils, sugars and even the fact they've been deep fried! The most common perpetrators are pineapple, banana and cranberries so ALWAYS check the label before thinking you're tucking in guilt-free. 

  • High in Fibre

Dried fruit tends to carry more fibre than its fresh variation, helping to keep your digestive system healthy and running perfectly - keeping your day at work running more like clockwork!

  • Lots of nutrients in one little package

With all the water removed, you're just getting all the nutrients of your favourite fruit in a bitesize, dehydrated treat. 

  • Great for staving off sweets

With so many of you trying to lose weight, we know that the problem that holds most people back is a severe sweet tooth. However, packs of delicious dried fruits - I definitely recommend mangoes! - can be a fantastic and healthy substitute for gummy sweets.

  • 5-a-day!

As if it even needs to be mentioned here at Fruit For The Office but we really do promote 5-a-day! And eating dried fruits can be an easy and tasty way to achieve it.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite dried fruits are to snack on!

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