Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gandini Jugglers

Providing the freshest fruit to offices across the country is something that we do on a daily basis. However from time to time a request comes in for something a little bit different.

The Gandini Jugglers are a consortium of performers who create and produce juggling acts that will shake up everything thought you knew about juggling! They draw on theatre and dance to put together magical, spell binding performances that leave their audiences simply speechless. Sean Gandini choreographs their performances drawing on inspiration from colour and high fashion catwalk shows such as Alexander McQueen.

We’ve been proudly supplying them with boxes of apples to use in their acts for years. This dynamic juggling team are back in town to take part in the London Mime Festival. Their current show, entitled Smashed sees them juggling apples ones again.

But Smashed is about much more than eye catching juggling, the piece has political, social undertones with the women in the show having to deal with being somewhat objectified by the men. The Gandini Jugglers successfully manage to take something usually seen as light hearted (juggling) and use it to address more serious topics. Throughout the show, the team juggle many different objects and it ends with them purposefully smashing a lot of crockery!

You can catch Sean Gandini and the Gandini Jugglers (and our apples!) on BBC 1 News at 6pm tonight (Tuesday 17th).

If you want to see them live they will be performing in London from 18-21 January, book online HERE. However you need to move quickly as they are selling fast!

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