Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th: Fruit Superstitions

It’s Friday the 13th! The Holy Grail of days for all those superstitious souls out there. We’ve put together a list of fruit related superstitions to whet your whistle as you jump over cracks, avoid ladders, and beware of black cats!

Apples – Apples have been associated with dark goings on from the dawn of time - think Adam, Eve and a mischievous snake. One superstition is that if you leave a single apple on the tree after harvest, a death will occur in the following spring.

Peaches – There is a Chinese belief that peaches bring good luck and keep away evil – so you may want to carry some in your bag on a day like today.

Bananas – These bendy fruits are considered to be extremely lucky in the Caribbean. If you discover a Y-shaped mark once the banana has been cut from the stalk then your wish will come true! Fishermen on the other hand consider bananas to be extremely unlucky fruits with many blaming them for boat accidents, on board illnesses or poor fishing harvests. Needless to say bananas have been banned from many a voyage.

Oranges – Oranges are another fruit that are considered to be lucky, especially amongst young lovers. Lovers who give oranges to one and other are thought to be drawn closer together. Brides should also carry orange blossom in their bouquet to bring good luck to their marriage.

CherriesIn Switzerland it is believe that the very first cherry from the tree should be given to a woman who has recently given birth. This will mean the cherry tree will provide a bountiful harvest. In Japan it is also believed that the cherry tree brings good luck. 

Lemons – Now this is an odd one. If a woman wants to test the longevity of a love affair she must take some lemon peel, place it under her armpit all day. In the evening she must remove it and rub it along the post of her bed. If her lover is good, he will appear that night bringing two lemons, if not – he will not turn up at all.

Blackberries – As tasty as they are, these fruits are associated with EVIL as it is believed that the devil cursed the blackberry bush when he got tangled in it after being thrown out of heaven. Eat a blackberry at your peril!

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