Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fruit Ice

Whether you call them ice poles (London), tip-tops (Birmingham) or fruit ices. When is comes to summer, we all want to get our hands on some frozen fruity water to help cool us down.

However, for a farm in Florida, it seems the fruit ices have arrived early. Despite being known as the Sunshine State, temperatures dropped to below zero last week, leaving farmers with a frosty welcome in the morning.

The trees in the orange grove were dripping with icicles.

 Whilst the strawberries were covered in a shiny coat of solid ice.

Not even the flowers got a lucky escape with this one seemingly perfectly preserved in a block of ice.

Luckily, the cold snap that the farm experience in December seemed to prepare the fruit for colder weather. They were able to salvage much of the oranges by spraying them with water to keep the temperature from dropping below 0 degrees.

Picture credits
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