Monday, 9 January 2012

Fruit Detox

Sometimes, if you've had a heavy weekend, a bad week or a hardcore month a detox is the best thing for you. We’re not talking faddy diets here; we’re talking simple additions to your diet that can remove nasty toxins leaving you ready to face the goodies in your fridge once again. 

When embarking on a detox, it's best to go au natural, there's no point swapping old chemicals for new so fruit is one of the best things to use to detox those toxins - here are some of the most effective.

Lemons – This fruit is the king of the detox. Lemons have antibacterial qualities that will cleanse the mouth and throat, remove excess mucus. The acid in the lemons works to dissolve toxins throughout the body
Apples – These classic fruits are great for getting your digestive system going, so try eating an apple just before lunch
Grapefruit – These tangy fruits reduce bad cholesterol, help to keep arteries clean and
Pineapple – This acidic fruit is another really good one for detoxing. It contains an enzyme called bromelain which can cleanse the colon..
Green tea – Although it’s not a fruit green tea is the best thing to drink when planning a detox. It will keep you hydrated, cuts down on your caffeine intake and also contains cleansing antioxidants

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