Thursday, 1 September 2011

Candy Grapes

We’ve seen the rise of over sized fruits, odd coloured veg (does everyone remember purple potatoes?) and fruits that look like one thing yet taste like another. Sainsbury’s, however have gone one step further by launching a fruit that has the natural taste of something not quite so natural.

Cotton Candy grapes were developed in California – of course – and stem from the Lambrusca family. According to Sainsbury’s, they have ‘a distinctive but extremely sweet flavour and surprising taste of candy floss.’

They’ve been marketed as a great tool for getting children to try fruit, and perfect for adults who want to try something new.

We’re always up for something new in the FFTO office, if you fancy trying them they are currently being sold in 35 stores across the country for £3.00 a punnet. Or if regular ole grapes are your thing, opt for a deluxe berry upgrade with your next office fruit delivery.

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