Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fruit For The Office Gets Charitable

The FFTO Team are always willing to help out for a good cause, so when we got a call from Empire Cinema in Leicester Square asking us to help them raise some cash for Cancer Research, we were all ears.

Empire Cinemas were planning to raise money for the charity by having a 'Rise Of Planet of The Apes' promotional day. That’s were we came in. They wanted to give all of the viewers a free banana to encourage them to donate to the good cause, and of course, we were more than happy to help.

We pitched up in Leicester Square last week with a truck load of bananas – both edible and blow up – and began to unload.

We grabbed a table outside one of the movie screens and set up shop, so to speak. The table was laid with individual bags each containing a banana for cinema goers to help themselves to. And help themselves they did!

As well as grabbing a free banana, cinema goers donated generously on the day, allowing Empire Cinema in Leicester Square to raise some well needed cash for Cancer Research.

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