Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to School

Over at FFTO HQ we still get that September ‘back to school feeling’ even though it’s been more than a few years since any of us actually went to school. We reckon that we feel that way because we’re all still young at heart.

So when September arrives, the craving for fresh, crisp, lunchbox worthy apples it too much for us to bear. We thought we’d take a look at some of the more favoured varieties.

Granny Smith – These crunchy emerald coloured apples have a distinctive sour taste that makes them a little unpopular with the kids.

Braburn – The braburn is juicy crisp and sturdy enough to handle being bashed around in your lunchbox.  

Pink Lady – If there was ever a fruit that was made for the girlies, this is it. They look pretty in pink, and are shiney, and sweet – just like us girls.

Golden Delicious – A light sweet apple, but beware, these apples bruise like a peach. No one wants bruised fruit for tuck.

Toffee Apple – For the days when nature’s sweets are not enough, you can’t beat a toffee apple. Sticky sweetness, one of your five a day AND make your class(work)mates jealous – perfect!

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