Friday, 15 July 2011

National Cherry Day

National Cherry Day is upon us. On the 16th July we are all urged to go out and eat as many British cherries as possible. So in celebration of this day we’ve put together some fun cherry facts!

  • Wild cherries contain a very small amount of cyanide, not enough to do you any harm, but enough to remind us that they are not push overs!
  • Cherries are a symbol of fertility!
  • Cherry blossom trees – part of the cherry family are considered to be extremely lucky in Japan
  • Cherries have a very short harvesting season, in the UK they are usually out in July only.
  • Cherries really do come in pairs – how cute!
  • Cherry coke was the first fruity variation of the popular drink. This was followed by lime, orange and raspberry however the cherry variety still remains the favourite.
  • Cherries are natural laxative – so you may not want to eat too many this weekend!
If you know any cherry facts that I've missed (I'm sure there are loads) then leave a comment to let me know.

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  1. Have a Cherry Jam recipe! (really good):


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