Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Over at Fruit HQ we heard about this nifty thing called the iPhone 5 Experiment. A plucky young man called Rob from Coventry has decided to camp outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden for as long as possible whilst waiting to purchase an iPhone 5. The only catch is that he can not spend a penny, so will be relying on hand outs from companies and the general public for EVERYTHING. Oh yeah, he's also on a mission to make his stay as luxurious as possible so I'm guessing they'll be no standard sleeping bag and tent for this man. I'm expecting to see blow up beds, electric blankets and barbecues.

As we’re also based in Covent Garden, we couldn’t bear the thought of someone on our patch begin fruitless. So we’ve pledged to help him out by dropping off some of our expertly picked fruit. So if you're in Covent Garden around September time, look out for him - you never know, he might even split a banana with you!

Good luck Rob!

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