Monday, 18 April 2011

We're finally in the limelight - how do you like those apples, Simon Cowell?!

We always knew that one of us in the office would finally taste the glorious sweet tang of the limelight, we went to every audition, every casting call, even scaled the walls of Amanda Holden’s mansion to beg her for our spot on the judging panel (because let’s face it, if the Hoff can judge talent…) and our day has finally come! I’m sure you’re wondering who by now just so you can bask in their glow, plead for an autograph or steal some of our hair but the more I write, the more me and the others want to cry into our award ceremony gowns – we’ll need them one day! – and point over to the corner of the office at the box of our London-famous fruit.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that’s right! The fruit you’re munching on at your desk right this second has been sent to ITV to be munched upon by the Britain’s Got Talent team! Yessir, that same fruit you’re holding in your hands is also being eaten by the Hoff, Amanda and Michael so if you think about this from a different (and slightly more optimistic) perspective, you’re eating food from a company that provides to celebrities so – technically - you yourself are a celebrity as well!

So the next time you’re munching on that apple, or devouring those grapes, stand up and say “Jeeves! Bring me my champagne, it would taste so delectable with this fine assortment of fruit that has been delivered directly to me!” You’re bound to get a few looks and you’ll probably disrupt your office and have your boss to answer to but who cares, it’s good to feel like a diva once in a while!

Oh, and to all those out there who haven’t yet tasted the sweet, sweet taste of fame (and bananas) if you find our link on the Britian’s Got Talent website, you get 50% off your first order! Now doesn’t it feel good to be privileged?!

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