Monday, 6 December 2010

Mayor's Thames Festival Update!

Just over 2 months ago, we were enjoying the last of the beautiful British summertime, the only way we at the Office know how, by selling our lusciously lip-smacking strawberries combined with our gorgeously goopy cream in the world-famous combination!

That’s right, we were at the Mayor’s Thames Festival soaking up the amazing end-of-summer atmosphere and hopefully you were there too, ogling not only the beautiful sunshine and scenery of the festival but also our glamorous fruit-fiends, including the surprisingly hard-working Dan Ox (considering it was a weekend, and all!)

Not only was it a great day for culture, food and crafts, the whole festival gave off an amazing message of ethical guidelines, healthy eating, fair-trade and animal welfare – which made us feel a lot less guilty after tucking into a bowlful of cream (and maybe a few strawberries!) and also some of the deliciously decadent treats we indulged in during our travels around the festival!

Overall, it was a brilliant weekend and we really hope some of our clients came down and got their free helping of strawberries and cream! Hopefully we’ll be taking part again next year and we have to thank everyone again for such an amazing weekend with an equally amazing message!

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