Friday, 15 July 2016

A profile on: kiwano melon

What is it?
The kiwano melon is a traditional food plan in Africa, and belongs to the cucumber and melon family.

What does it look like?
A fully ripened kiwano has an orange rind with prominent spikes. The inside flesh is a slimy green colour, with seeds inside the jelly-like substance.

Other names?
Also known as the horned melon, jelly melon, African horned cucumber, hedged gourd, melano and blowfish fruit.

Where's it from? 
It is native to Southern Africa, but is now also grown in California, Mississippi, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

How do I eat it?
To eat plain, cut the fruit in half, and gently squeeze one half until the slime-covered seeds ooze out. Or, you can simply scoop out the inner fruit and toss it into fruit salads, use as a garnish or add into cocktails. Only the inside is edible, so do not try to nibble on the spikes!
What does it taste like?
The flavour is described as a cross between cucumber, zucchini and kiwi, although as it ripens it tastes more like a banana.

What are the health benefits?
Some of the benefits of eating kiwano melon are: it aids in weight lost; protects the skin; boosts the metabolism; increases eye health; strengthens bones; optimises digestion; and speeds up wound healing.

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