Friday, 5 June 2015

Super Cool Stationery

Are you the office crazy with a secret stash of mega cool post-it notes and animal shaped pens?
YEP, our desks are like that too.

No matter how old (or professional) you are, who can resist a strawberry shaped note pad? We sourced these bad boys from the key to our stationery shaped heart, Paperchase

Do you really appreciate all the careful thought that your Office Manager has put into the office fruit delivery? It takes some serious skill to know that you need 7 Braeburn, 4 Kiwi, 14 bananas and just 16 Tangerines precisely. Gift them with a cute strawberry mug

Check out the Happy Veggies range for more cute gift ideas.

We also love the Happy Jackson stationery range. 
It has plenty of sarcasticly remarked stationery to prompt you on that To-Do list! 

Tweet us @Office_fruit with the mega cool stationery on your desk!

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