Friday, 8 May 2015


For over 20 years World Cancer Research Fund has been researching the relationship that exists between diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer.

 It is a vast area of research that goes to the core of how we live, what we eat and the influence these lifestyle factors have on cancer. 

Their latest survey carried out by YouGov earlier this year found 63% of British women link being overweight with increased cancer risk. It also found a majority are aware of the links between poor diet (59%), alcohol consumption (55%) and the disease. The charity has been tracking public awareness of the links between lifestyle and cancer since 2010.

On 11 May 2015, WCRF are launching: “I CAN…” a campaign aimed at filling a small part of the gap between what people know about lifestyle and cancer and what they can do about it. People who sign up to I CAN will receive 21 daily emails developed from years of research and health information

The aim is to put the facts of cancer prevention in front of people in a way that’s simple, practical and straightforward.  They’ll be giving facts, tips, recipes and ideas aimed at filling the gap between awareness and action.

Being physically active doesn’t have to mean running marathons.
I CAN highlights ways to be active that might surprise people. And the good news is: ‘chores’ count too. People who sign up to I CAN will be able count the calories burned ironing, gardening or mowing the lawn, using the ‘exercise calorie counter’.
‘… But there just aren’t enough hours in the day to eat healthily’

Lack of time can be seen as a barrier to healthy eating. But I CAN means letting World Cancer Research Fund UK help. For over 20 years WCRF nutritionists have been providing easy tips and advice based on cancer prevention recommendations. People who sign up to I CAN will have access to easy healthy recipe ideas developed by nutritionists.
Tweet us if you have signed up to I CAN with @WCRF_UK to receive your 21 daily tips on health!

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