Friday, 15 May 2015

#GetFruity - Apple Swans

Have you ever wondered about the fruit displays on tropical islands? When you’re feeling peckish on holiday and venture off to the hotel restaurant to grab a bite to eat (or stalking someones holiday food photos on Facebook)... The chef manages to make the food dishes so bright, colouful and artistic!

Well over here, at Fruit for the Office HQ – with the second May Bank Holiday acomin', we thought we’d keep you in the holiday mood and challenge you to get fruity with your very own fun creation from fruit! 
Get your colleagues to join in and have a “fruit off” –  see who can make the best creation. The winner is off tea duty all day!

Use your Office Fruit Delivery wisely and pinch an apple... we've found the coolest idea to make apple swans:

You will need:

  •  A good sized apple
  •  A sharp paring knife
  •  A chopping board
  • 2 x Butter Knives (optional)
How to:

Cut your apple at a slight diagonal so that it cuts right through the centre of the apple core.
This is important, because it will give you access to the seeds inside, and you will need two of these later on.

Take the half of the apple that still has the bottom attached, and place it face down on a cutting board.
Use the two butter knives placed perpendicular to the top and bottom. 

Now use your knife to carefully cut down into the apple from the top, and just to the right side of the apple core.  You should be able to press down until the knife bottoms out on the other two butter knives, and then use the butter knives as makeshift spacers to line your knife up, and cut in from the side.

When the two cuts meet, you may feel a little "pop" as the wedge is released.  If not, it means the cuts haven't fully met yet, so just gently wiggle the blade from both directions until the cuts align.

Repeat the process on the other side of the apple so that you're left with two apple wedges similar to those seen in the pictures

The goal is to cut each of these new wedges into 3 smaller wedges, then layer them together to give the effect of feathers and wings.

The process is very similar to how you cut them before, only this time, rather than slicing in from the side, try turning the wedge over to the left, and slicing down.  This should give you more control (and save you a few potential cuts to your fingers).

When both wedges have been cut, layer the pieces back together to form a tear-drop shape, and replace them back into the apple "body".  The effect should be two beautiful swan wings.

We still need to make a place for the head to sit, so make a couple of precision cuts near the front of the body, and remove the pieces to leave a clean, and fairly deep, groove, as seen in the picture.

To form the head, use the other half of the apple and place it in-between the butter-knife spacers, as we did the other one, except this time we're not going to cut out any wedges.

Carefully cut sideways along the butter-knives to create an apple slice about 1/4" thick.

If you repeat this 3 or 4 times, you'll end up with different cross sections that sport a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pick a piece that looks like a heart that's been flattened at the top.

All we need to form the head are three strategic cuts into the apple slice.

Make one cut at the top at about a 45 degree angle, then a 2nd cut horizontal, and to the right.  The last cut near the bottom was sloped at about 30 degrees down and to the left.  You should be able to see that the top cut was started just on the other side of the apple centre, and this is done on purpose to give the sloped face, and the effect of a swan's beak.

Holding the piece up now should leave you with something looking similar to that in the picture.  

To finish up, just take your apple seeds and place them when you'd like the eyes to go, then press them into place with the side of one of the butter knives.

When both eyes are in place, simple drop the neck down into place, and your apple swan is finished!

(Spritz with a little lemon juice to help prevent it from turning brown!).


Post your favourite pictures to @office_fruit #GetFruity

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