Thursday, 5 March 2015

Create a Healthy Workplace!

We often find that our customers want to organise an event to promote healthy eating at work, but don't have the tools. Budget? Which fruits? How many pieces? Will it catch on?

Look no further, Fruit for the Office is here to provide all the information that you need to get HR, your CEO and staff on board.

We offer a bespoke order service so that you can select the fruits and quantities that you receive. You could order 152 lemons so that your company could all try a detox water, if you wanted to! We also offer set boxes, for if you want a variety of basic, handheld fruits to suit all tastes.

Call us on 0800 019 4037 for advice, or a quote, based on your requirements and number of staff! 

Here's your persuasive email to the bosses:

"Hi *insert name here*,

I'm emailing to enquire about organising a healthy eating event at our office.

I've researched into the benefits of having fruit available for staff to eat whilst working and have found that it can improve morale, motivate staff, reduce breaks, increase production and promote wellness; which in turn will reduce illness/sick leave.

I'd like to arrange for the following, to be delivered on *insert delivery date here*:
*insert contents based on your requirements here*

The total cost is £*insert quotation figure here*, which I'm sure you will agree is a small fee to pay for healthier, happier employees.

FFTO are happy to supply supporting documents used to promote the goodness of the fruits that we will be receiving. We could distribute these around the office to educate the staff and get everyone involved on the day. 

If all goes well, we could look into arranging a weekly delivery. Fruit for the Office can also arrange for other supplies too, such as milk, water and breakfast cereals.

Please let me know your thoughts?

Best regards
*insert name here*"

That's the hard part over - once they're on board (we're sure they'll love your idea) just call, or email us; We'll set the order up, no fuss! OR you can easily place your order online.

Send an all staff email around to drum up a buzz for your delivery date. Get them excited to receive a colourful, fresh delivery of fruit as opposed to the usual biscuits and donuts on occasion.

Let us know if you're planning a healthy workplace event: Tweet us @office_fruit with the details!

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