Friday, 20 February 2015

#FashionableFruitFriday - Heels Vs. Flats

We tend to look at the City and divide it into two species of female; those who wear heels (well) and those who wear flats. Perhaps you wear flat shoes because you're 6ft+ and there really is no need, or you wear heels because you're 4ft+ and it really is required if you're going to reach for a good sandwich at Pret.

A survey once concluded that women own on average 17 pairs of shoes. Let's just say:

2 pair of trainers (1 suitable for gym only - whiff, 1 suitable for public appearance)
1 pair of brogues
1 pair of loafers
2 pair of ballerina flats (1 pair can be discretely rolled into a clutch bag)
2 pair of court shoes (Beige for summer, black for winter)
1 pair of ankle boots
1 pair of high leg boots
2 pair of stilettos (You didn't learn after the first pair hurt you)
1 pair of sandals
2 pair of flip flops (One pair always break: should probably be renamed 'flops)
1 pair of sports shoes; football boots, tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc
1 pair of Dr Martens, Brothel Creepers, etc. (Any grunge phased shoe that you may, or may not, wish to admit to owning)

... We guessed right, didn't we?
If you're heading to an office job that requires you to wear courts or flats, that leaves you with just 4 choices (gasps!) 

Most of you will opt for flat shoes, because who can run for a train when they're late (down a sloped platform) in 3inchers? Some women declared to feel more professional, focused and immaculately presented when wearing heeled shoes around the office.
It really is unnecessary to be in uncomfortable shoes when you have a lot of running around to do, or a lot of sitting around to do. Cobbled city streets + coffee + kitten heels = disaster.

Take it from us, flats then change into heels before approaching the office doors, or on the train if personal space allows; which we doubt it does at 08:30am on the Central line.
Flats may be required to carry your office fruit delivery to your desk, take your favourite pieces out and then carry back to the original delivery point *winks*.

Depending how you feel on this debate we've picked out the best of best so that you can look stylish and practical for work...

LK Bennett

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

Russell and Bromley 

River Island


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