Friday, 31 October 2014

No Tricks Just Healthy Halloween Fruit Treats

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Halloween may be rooted in ghosts and ghouls but the first thing that comes to our mind? Sweets!

Taking your children out to receive buckets upon buckets of chocolate or, as we prefer, eating the remainder of the sweets not picked up by costume wearing kids.

But, at Fruit For The Office HQ, we have a very different kind of sweet tooth - one that can only be curbed by nature's candy.

So, enjoy a tasty treat this halloween - without the tricks of sickness, hyperactive kids and bloaty belly - with these amazing healthy Halloween party foods.

Banana Ghosts

Serves 12

- 6 small bananas
- 36 chocolate chips

Cut the bananas in half and place flat side down.

Push chocolate chips into the bananas to create a ghoulish guise!

Pumpkin Oranges

Serves 12

- 12 small satsumas/clementines
- 1 stalk celery

Peel the satsumas/clementines. Wash and cut the celery into small pieces. Push into the tops of the satsumas/clementines to create pumpkin stalks.

Melon Brain

- 1 large watermelon
- Sharp knife

You need to peel the watermelon to expose the green flesh then carve a brain like pattern deep enough into the melon that the red flesh is on show in the carvings.

For more detailed information and photos try this great tutorial:

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