Friday, 1 August 2014

Your Office Fruit Delivery Journey

Ever wondered just what we go through to get that delicious box of fruit to your office? Here's how we do it, from 8pm at night when all the packing gets underway til' noon when all our deliveries are done.


Remember those swaps and changes you rung in or emailed our office with? Our packing team start preparing the boxes by reading your specific instructions, making sure we have exactly what you ordered for delivery next day.

The boxes are then made snug and comfy, ensuring every piece of fruit we pack will be treated like a star (fruit) and will arrive to you as natural looking as it was when it was picked.


Our expert fruit buying team then go out and purchase all the fruit, fresh from the market. There's no storage in our unit so you can be assured that it's picked, purchased then packed - ready for you to enjoy delicious fruit - the way nature intended.

However, we do have a fancy warming room for our bananas to bring on the certain stages of ripeness that our customers prefer.


The fruit is then packed ready for distribution!

2am onwards

The fruit is loaded onto one of our special Fruit for the Office vans in order of the delivery route.

You can rest assure that even if your box is last on our route that all our fruit is refrigerated in the van until delivery!

The fruit is being delivered to floors, areas, security boxes, loading bays, receptions and every other type of premises you can think of - and that you've chosen!

We always note the earliest time for access to the customers office – we try to get there for when they’re open, predetermining a drivers route from depot to your office in order of earliest access.

Most customers open at 9:00am so it’s hard to be everywhere at once – but we don’t get many calls for lateness so those drivers are definitely doing it right!

Other than instances with unforeseen circumstances such as road traffic instances, road closures or major events – we’re usually finished by mid day if not before.


This is when our other dream team arrives at our offices in Essex. So if you do find you have a problem with delivery our office is ready to take your calls and emails from 09:00am and will be able to contact the drivers.


Time for lunch we think! Or if you're a driver, time for a sleep..

Tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below and let us know how you think we're doing as a company!

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