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8 Reasons Why Citrus Fruits and Vitamin C Are So Good For You

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They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but who knew that lemons, limes and oranges are also on the list of fruits that puts an appointment at bay?

Not only do we have all your favourite citrus fruits ready to deliver to your office - we now have Nardacott tangerines and clementines in season!

So let you favourite office fruit supplier tell you how all of these vitamin C filled wonders will benefit not only your day at work - but your future health!

1. Immunity Boosting

All citrus fruits contribute to your daily requirement of Vitamin C and a single grapefruit has 88mg - almost an entire days worth. Vitamin C is vital to improving your immunity, keeping you free from everything from infections to pesky colds and flus.

2. Skin Beautifying

As we age it's inevitable that our skin may not look as perky and perfect as it once did. But citrus fruits are packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of which not only help slow down the process but can also help with common skin ailments! But remember all of our amazing fruits can help contribute to beautiful body, skin and mind!

3. Heart Disease Preventing

Heart disease is caused by blocked arteries. Blocked arteries are normally due to consuming unhealthy food and leading an unhealthy lifestyle e.g. addictions, lack of exercise. Most citrus fruits, such as oranges, contain flavonoids like hesperidin which prevent your arteries from getting blocked by reducing cholesterol. Of course, these amazing flavonoids can also help protect you from other cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks. Fruit- the natural disease fighter!

4. Eyesight Enhancing

We've spoke about our skin deteriorating with age and how citrus fruit can slow down the effects of time. But did you know that citrus can help with the effects ages has on our eyes? Rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, a daily helping of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit or lemon are great for your eyes. 

5. Brain Developing

Folic acid present in citrus fruit is great for promoting brain development and keeping your thinking muscle in pitch perfect condition. Folic acid is also amazing for pregnant women so make sure you incorporate citrus fruits in your diet to ensure your baby is born as healthy as you! 

6. Sperm Quality Improving

Trying for a baby or just want to make sure you're set for the day you do decide to have kids? The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in citrus fruits helps to improve fertility by ensuring the quality and motility of your sperm.

7. Fibre Filling

Citrus fruits are full of fibre which not only helps to keep you regular, it keeps your stomach and intestines healthy. A fibre rich diet - full of other fruits as well - will ensure that you don't have to head to the doctors with stomach ulcers, diarrhoea or constipation.

8. Hair Growing

Want amazing, soft, full-bodied hair? Citrus fruit and it's vitamins/antioxidants help to produce collagen which is responsible for keeping you in the business of long flowing locks. So be sure to keep eating your clementines for amazing head of hair. Of course, if you need an extra boost you can also mash up the leftovers of your office fruit delivery and make fruit hair masks!

What's your favourite citrus fruit? Be sure to tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below to tell us!

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  1. I eat 6 citrus fruits a day and I am going bald [ gone ] wear milk bottle bottom glasses look 70 and only 40ish and as thick as shit ,so please MR JAFFA can i have a refund. ?


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