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Fruit Picking Holidays and Gap Years Around the World

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You could say we're fruit obsessed here. Fruit in all our meals, smoothies after workouts, we even only drink exclusively fruit based liquours in our after work cocktails (Got to get the extra two for our seven a day somewhere!)

So when we choose our summer holidays or gap years, they have to be somewhere we feel at home - and our homes are full of fruit.

Fruit for the Office has rounded up the coolest places you can visit to experience how fruit is harvested around the world - and how some of it ends up in your office fruit delivery!

Farming for a Gap Year in Israel 

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It's totally still in vogue to go vintage, right? So why not go on a gap year from the 70s and head to Israel to work in a Kibbutz this Summer. Practically utopian societies, picking fruit will be worth the hard graft just to be given food, board and the chance to meet some of the incredible people that Kibbutz communities breed. You can even forgo the fields and work preparing all the delicious fruit that you'll recognise from your office fruit deliveries - trust us, it'll be the only thing you miss from your office whilst on holiday.

Wine Tasting From Dangerous New Heights

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There's nothing like a trip to a vineyard. Jetting off to a beautiful part of France, Italy or even California, boozing on wine under the beaming sunshine and even being allowed to stomp on the grapes with your bare (and hopefully clean) feet. But how about trying an Italian vineyard? On a steep rock face? Above a river? Are we asking too many questions? (It must be all the wine going to our heads...) Pack some walking boots and a taste for heights and marvel as bunches of grapes are plucked from the sheer slopes of Riberia Sacra (the holy river bank). Whilst you gasp as the pickers hang one hand precariously from a rock with a crate of fruit under the other arm you'll be glad that your office fruit deliveries are given the care and attention of our drivers - because you'd definitely end up with a bruised plum or ten if we delivered via rock climb.

Fruit Picking in the Outback

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Australia is the ultimate destination for work or play. Holiday makers, backpackers and gap year takers alike flock to The Great Barrier Reef, The Opera House and, above all, the famous Outback. Fruit pickers in the area are in high demand and once you've collected your first harvest, you'll be literally gasping for some coconut water or sweet oranges. Remember, as the seasons do a full 360 Down Under, you'll be highly sought after in December and January - making it the perfect destination for a Winter getaway. But don't mistake an Australian summer for a British one, you seriously need to pack your factor 50 or you'll be laughed off Bondi Beach by the real bronzed beauties. You may also want to pack some pretty heavy duty bug spray and a knowledge of the local wildlife when picking fruit, unless you're particularly partial to a banana that's home to a tarantula - a definite plus to ordering your office fruit from us - a definite lack of venomous creatures.

Losing Work to a Coconut Monkey

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Monkeys are proven to be genetically close to humans so how ridiculously unfair is it that they are in higher demand for coconut picking in Thailand than us? Well, if you watch them scramble up trees to collect around 300 coconuts a day, you'll understand why! Sip fruit fizzy fruit drinks from plastic bags and watch as their owners feed them their pay - freshly picked bananas - and you may even catch some of the monkeys racing to be the fastest in impromptu competitions (but you haven't seen the speed that any of the Fruit for the Office workers can vertically climb when we're promised delicious coconuts) As a fruit tourist, Thailand is home to more exotic fruit than you can shake a coconut tree at such as snakefruit, santol, rose apples, mangos and the widely proclaimed 'king of fruit': the durian. Banned in several countries due to its horrendous odour, if you can stomach the smell you'll be treated to a taste worth the temporary nostril burn. Also, the smell might keep the monkeys at bay long enough for you to secure a job fruit picking (because we'd gladly be paid in bananas)

Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know which country has the best fruit and leave a comment below if you've visited any of the places we've mentioned!

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