Friday, 9 May 2014

The Pros and Cons of being a Personal Assistant

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When you think about the hierarchy of an office, your go-to for the head honcho is always the CEO, Managing Director or the 'Boss'.

But here at Fruit for the Office, we know who the real star of the show is: the PA.

Like an organisational ninja, PAs work hard in the background to make their boss look incredible and their company even more so!

We've always thought that Personal Assistants are some of the most important people in the office so we knew it was our duty to dedicate an entire blog to the perks and pitfalls of their job!

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  • Getting to go to client parties and network (especially if there's an open bar!)
  • Knowing that you're almost always responsible for that 'amazing thing' your boss did or said
  • Being given the freebies your bosses or clients didn't want
  • Being part of a great friendship group of other company PAs who get to share the tools of the trade (and laugh about anything you've overheard in the office)
  • Ordering your office fruit delivery so you get first pick of your favourite fruit
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Getting that hard-earned 'Well done' from your boss
  • The power that comes from knowing that the person that hired you actually relies on you more than anyone else 
  • Every single day being completely different
  • Having a great repertoire (and sometimes even a friendship!) with your boss

Photo Credit: mpujals via Compfight cc


  • If you're female, being referred to as 'just the secretary' by the old corporate men
  • Having to pick up your boss's questionable dry cleaning (the sight of a pleather g-string is enough to make your eyes bleed)
  • Staring at the office fruit delivery - that you spent an hour meticulously ordering to suit your tastes - sitting in a bowl as a decorative display for clients a few feet from your grumbling tummy
  • Having to run questionable errands like picking up an extra pair of pants or 'hygiene' products for your boss
  • Casually slipping between comfy trainers and sophisticated yet horrifically painful heels under your desk if you work for a very fancy or fashion-orientated company
  • Having to explain why you can't be on call at 4am on a Sunday
  • Making up increasingly more farfetched excuses about why your errand is taking so long - when you're really just trying to scoff down lunch and a coffee with some friends
  • Burning up with embarrassment when you're mistaken for your boss's wife or husband at a client's party
  • Your job title being changed to a barista, waiter and caterer whenever a large meeting happens in the office

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