Friday, 2 May 2014

#FitFruitFriday - Healthy Eating Food Swaps

We've been experiencing some more than decent weather here in London and May Day Bank Holiday is approaching fast (Hurrah!) But it's made all of us here at your favourite office fruit supplier pretty wary of our bikini bodies. Here's our favourite food swaps to help us fight the cravings, keep down calories and have us all looking less apple and pear shaped (but just as delicious!)

Chips                             For Sweet Potato Fries
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Chips (or French Fries) are the ultimate comfort food but while you are loving the taste they are hating your body! With around 350 calories for a medium serving, you're much better off with angelically light (and amazing tasting) baked sweet potato fries that barely weigh in at 180 calories.

Swap Jelly Sweets            For Dried Cranberries

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Both are sweet treats but only one is packed with natural sugars, fibre, antioxidants and count as one of your five - or seven! - a day. (If you haven't guessed which one yet, you should be chowing down on cranberries)

Swap Sugary Cereal            For Fruit Topped Porridge

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Most cereals boast wholegrain nowadays but they keep quiet about their sugar content and how they'll only keep you full for about an hour or so - just in time for you to succumb to elevenses! However, oat porridge is a great source of fibre and protein which will keep you going until lunchtime and beyond. Easy to prepare at work in the microwave, just top with fruit - anything from berries to bananas - from your office fruit supplier and you've enjoyed a serving or two of fruit before 9am!

Swap Orange Juice              For Whole Oranges

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You may be thinking: "Fruit for the Office, aren't these the exact same thing?" Definitely not! When oranges are squeezed into juice they lose almost all of their filling fibre but retain all of the sugar, leaving you with a high sugar beverage with barely any of the goodness. Solid food as well as chewing will also help you feel a lot fuller than if you drink your fruit.

Swap Yoghurt Pots        For Greek Yoghurt with Fruit

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Don't be drawn in by fancy packaging and promises made by Gok Wan adverts - low-fat yoghurt pots touted as a godsend by dieters are often hiding some dirty secrets - most notably sky-high sugar content and added ingredients. Greek yoghurt is so much better for you as long as you choose a low-fat and low-sugar variety, which almost always comes naturally but be wary of some brands and check the nutritional values and ingredients. It's filling, good for you and can be topped with so many varieties of fruit, our favourites at Fruit for the Office being honey and banana or strawberry and blueberry. Greek yoghurt (or natural yoghurt) also comes in big tubs so it's normally more cost-effective than buying multipacks of often psuedo-healthy yog pots!

Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know your favourite healthy food swap and we'll be sure to retweet you! Or leave us a comment below and we may feature your favourites on another of our blogs.

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