Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Raise Morale in the Office

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Work. The word alone is boring enough, let alone the 9 to 5 daily grind.

But we hear you cry from behind your desks: "Fruit for the Office HQ, how is your office so happy?!" Well, it's mainly because we eat so much fruit and it keeps us fit, healthy and super hot (some of us think so anyway!) but it's also because of these reasons:

Wake up Early!

There’s nothing worse than JUST making it to work on time and being flustered (and sometimes not wearing matching shoes!) It just sets you up for a bad day, especially if you’re late. So get your outfit set out the night before, get that alarm clock set and give yourself time to eat a good breakfast and commute without all the stress of being on time!

Get Active!

Sports days don't have to end with school! (But the bad haircuts do...) As the weather gets warmer, get outside and have a fun day of classroom classics such as egg and spoon, 5-a-side and tug of war. Stick an entry fee on the event and you can raise money for charity! Just be sure that you're refuelling with orange slices, bananas and plenty of water!


There’s truth in the words: “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” Almost everyone you smile at, from the barista on your morning coffee run to the person who offers you the seat they had their eye on, will smile back, causing you to smile again too! The smile chain will continue all day, guaranteed!

Dress Up!

Dress for success has never been more true than when you’re at work. If you dress up in a way that makes you feel both comfortable and powerful, then you’re ready to go for the day and the self-confidence will be oozing out of you! So take that gorgeous power outfit out of the back of the wardrobe and get going!

Dress Down!

Have a Casual Friday at work, even if it's just a terrible tie day or if you go all out and have a fancy dress theme! Not only will it make everyone feel a lot more comfortable with each other and get colleagues talking but if you charge an 'entry fee' you can fundraise for a charity of your choice: the ultimate feel good Friday!

Make a schedule, a list, a to-do – whatever you prefer – that’ll get you in gear for the day. There’s nothing more helpful than a list of things to do – and when you’re going to do them – you’ll not only stay on task but you’ll know your tasks!

Everyone loves a snack and preparing an afternoon treat for your work mates will be sure to put smiles on everyone's faces! (except Gary in accounting - cheer up, Gary!) It doesn't have to be a lot of work, especially as summer is approaching and everyone is working on those hot summer bods, so skip the cake mix and use the fresh fruit from your office fruit delivery to make delicious fruit kebabs! Those multi-coloured, natural energy boosters are guaranteed to beat the 3pm slump.

Take Pride in Your Work!
No matter what you do, whether it’s clinching a sale or making the best tea, be proud of it! Self-confidence breeds happiness so never take yourself for granted, you're awesome at what you do – so own it!

If you’ve been a bit mopey, depressed or even unprofessional up to now, it’s going to be hard to change in just one day! But keep at it and remember, it’s not a new you, it’s an improved you!

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