Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 of the Best Fruits for Energy

It's always important to have good energy levels. Whether you're in early to work, recovering from the night before or about to head to the gym, a good amount of energy is vital to tackle our activities or everyday tasks to the best of our abilities. With the numbers rising in gyms at this time of year to prepare for that alluring summer holiday, it's important to get your energy levels up so you can reach a high level of intensity and leave knowing you've had a good workout.

Fruit can be a great source of energy and below are 5 of the best. Some may be obvious where as others may not, but we have given you an insight into why they give us that extra boost.

1) Bananas - Perhaps the most obvious and well known energy-giving fruit. Bursting with carbohydrates, bananas top the list of energy fruits and don't cost a lot too.

2) Grapes - With a considerably high glucose level, a good portion of grapes is great for providing an instant boost. They are also quite high in water content, thus hydrating the body which in turn leaves you feeling refreshed.
3) Apples - The King's College Hospital found that apples are a better wake-up source than coffee in the morning. Eating raw apples with the skin left on is the best way to produce slow releasing energy. 

4) Oranges - You'll find carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and a high water content in oranges so they are good choice if you want to instantly recharge. Also, they are said to increase cerebral blood flow. 

5) Watermelon - As well as having a large amount of vitamin C, watermelons are said to be 92% water so they are a great way to keep hydrated.

These five are not the only fruits that will give you an energy boost; you can find high glucose levels and carbohydrates in many other fruits but these are just five of our favourites. At Fruit for the Office we always have fruit on hand to help keep as going, so why not get a fresh batch delivered to your office to help keep performance and mood levels up!

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