Friday, 1 March 2013

#FitFruitFriday - Healthy Fruit Infusing Water Bottles (And DIY Fruit Alcohol)

Fruit flavoured water is a delicious alternative to your regular spring water and it sure makes getting through the recommended 8 glasses a lot tastier. However, most brands of flavoured water are full of sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and not to mention - no actual fruit! Well, we here at Fruit for the Office have scoured the web for great products that let you use the fruit from your office fruit supplier and infuse it easily and healthily!

Aqua Zinger - £24.99

With it's built-in blender, you can add the flavours and nutrients of your favourite fruits easily and without any nasty hidden ingredients. You can use any fruit you like (size permitting, of course!) but your London office fruit supplier's favourites are definitely grapes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries - especially when all infused together. It's carry loop, vacuum seal and convenient design make it perfect for office life and it's stainless steel inner means you can infuse any drink you like no matter if it's boiling hot or freezing cold. Perfect for healthy workers who need a bit of variety.

Citrus Zinger - £14.99

At a lower price tag, the Citrus Zinger has an in-built juicer rather than a blender to allow for your favourite citrus fruits to be infused straight into the water with no mess and no fuss. It's chic, clear design and carry loop makes it perfect for the office worker on the move whether it's going to meetings, lunch or just craving a citrus kick on the commute to work. Perfect for workers who need a sour kick on the move.

And for those feeling a little naughty this Friday...

Spike Your Juice - £12.99

If you know you're out on the lash after work, have a bit of tipple in the healthiest way possible. Using just fruit juice and the special sachet and airlock provided in the kit, within 48 hours you'll have a bottle of alcoholic fruit juice with a maximum alcohol content of 14% and no risk of beer belly!

So after a week of being healthy with your delicious fruit infused water, celebrate with a swig of homemade alcoholic juice - we just hope it still counts as our 5-a-day!

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