Monday, 4 February 2013

Top 10 Tastiest National Fruits

We all know that countries tend to have national flags, anthems and on the odd occasion national animals. But did you know that a whole host of countries stake a claim on one of natures gems by hailing it as their national fruit? Next time you’re one your travels, be sure to sample some of your host nations national fruit

Armenia – Apricot 

The apricot, or prunes armeniaca if we are to use it’s technical name, is thought to to have originated from Armenia, hence it becoming the national fruit for the country. Despite it’s origin also being linked to a variety of different countries including India, China it is Armenia who have laid a firm claim on the fruit by hailing it their national

India – Mango

This fruit is referred to some as the ‘King of Fruits’ and ‘Fruits of the Gods’ and has been grown in India for as long as people remember. India grows over 100 varieties of mango, all different in terms of shape colour and taste.  

Bangladesh – Jackfruit

The jackfruit has been knocking around for thousands of years an it is believed that it have growing in and around India for up to 6000 years. It’s one of the largest fruits to grow on a tree in the world with each fruit weighing up to. Whilst it is regarded as a delicacy in Bangladesh, the jackfruit has somewhat of an acquired taste

Cambodia – Lady’s finger banana

In 2005 the Lady’s Finger Banana or Chicken Egg Banana was officially named the national fruit of Cambodia be royal decree. As well as eating these fruits, Cambodians often use them as offerings to spirits.

Pakistan – Guava

The guava is native to India and South Asia and South America, however it is Pakistan who have claimed it as their national fruit. 

China – Kiwi

Surprisingly, the national fruit of China is the Kiwi....

Iran – Pomegranate

The pomegranate is native for Iran and is praised annually at the October Pomegranate Festival in Tehran when the fruit is celebrate through food and craft. The fruit is also linked to fertility by countries and cultures all over the world. The ancient Persians, Chinese, Ancient Greeks all. There are also stories from both Judaism and Hinduism highlight the pomegranate as a saviour of fertility.

Jamaica – Ackee

This national fruit it always eaten as a vegetable and can be deadly if picked and prepared incorrectly. The Ackee fruit is the main star in the Jamaican national dish of ackee and saltfish.

Japan –  Japanese Persimmon

When you think of Japanese fruits, the first thing which comes to mind is the lychee however this delicious fruit doesn't take the title of national fruit for the company  Instead, the crown goes to the Japanese Persimmon. 

Mexico – Avocado

The avocado is native to Mexico Another fruit which is eaten as a vegetable is the avocado pear.

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