Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phil Hansen's BananaTattoos

As sensible fruiterers we rarely advocate playing with your food but in the case of Phil Henson, we may be willing to bend the rules. Armed with a super sharp eye and a push-pin to match, artist Hansen 'tattoos' bananas with replicas of iconic paintings and sculptures.

Michelangelo's David 

The detailed process sees Hansen spend hours painstakingly pricking the skin of a banana hundreds of times to create each piece of work. The small pin pricks trigger a localised oxidation process which turns the pin prick brown, gradually revealing the picture over time.

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam 

Remarkably, Phil creates his banana masterpieces free hand without the use of a template or guide.

Van Gogh's Skull With a Burning Cigarette

Take a look at this video to see him in action

You can see a collection of Phil's work along with instructions on how to create your own in his book Tattoo A Banana

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