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Top 11 Natural Appetite Suppressants - The Greedy Person's Guide

When it comes to kick starting the annual January detox one of the things that leaves many of us firmly on the starting block is the fear of being hungry. If you’re sitting at your desk, the last thing you want is to be distracted by a rumbling tummy. Not only is it uncomfortable and distracting, it can send a loud (and not necessarily proud) message to your whole office that you’re trying to eat less. That said looking for foods which are nutritious, delicious and have the ability to keep us full can be a difficult.

Enter the appetite suppressants. When most of us think of these the first thing that comes to mind are images of scary potions in pill or powder form that were created in a lab. The truth is that there are many natural foods and products that you can use to suppress your appetite. Here are our top 11 natural appetite suppressants along with the science behind how they work.


A handful of nuts make a great snack that will keep the hunger pangs at bay throughout the afternoon.
HOW: They’re full of healthy fats, but eating too many can be detrimental to your diet so keep it to a handful a day. Nuts can also take around an hour to make you feel full so bear this in mind and don’t wait until you’re absolutely starving before snacking.  


Grapefruits have long been hailed as a ‘fat burning’ tool. Whilst this may not necessarily be true, they do work as an appetite suppressant. Starting the day with half a grapefruit can help to keep that rumbly tummy quiet throughout the working day.
HOW: It works by helping to control insulin levels which convert sugar into fat therefore helping to reduce sugar cravings and weight gain. 


Cinnamon is a great spice for livening up anything from porridge and fruit to tea and coffee.
HOW: Studies suggest that cinnamon cause the stomach to empty at a slower rate meaning you stay feeling fuller for longer. Eating cinnamon after a meal also causes the body to produce less insulin. Insulin turns sugar into fat so cinnamon is great for decreasing weight gain.


Apart from being delicious, avocados are great for suppressing your appetite. Once again this tasty option needs to be eaten in moderation.
HOW: The healthy fats are great for keeping you full and providing your body with some nutritional essentials, but you can have too much of a good thing. Opt for half a small an avocado as an afternoon snack.


As well as being a great source of vitamins and general fruit goodness, pears are great for curbing your appetite.
HOW: They’re a low calorie option so you can eat as many as you like throughout the working day and the bulky fibre in the pear will fill you up until your next meal.


We all know we need to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, however drinking the clear stuff can also help to suppress our appetites throughout the day.
HOW: Pure and simple, a glass of water before a meal fills up your tummy helping you to feel fuller on less food.

Vegetable Broth

Try starting your lunch with a small bowl of vegetable broth; this will stop you from pigging out on calorie laden foods.
HOW: A simple broth works in the same way to water. As it is low in calories and high in fluid it is the perfect thing to fill you up and make you eat less stodgy food for lunch.

Green Tea

If you’re not a fan of traditional green tea, try some blends that contain fruit flavours or try adding a slice of lemon or orange to boost the taste.
HOW: This wonder drink is helpful on two fronts. Firstly it contributes to your daily intake of water, and water in itself is a great tool for filling you up. Green tea also contains catechins which stabilise your blood sugar levels, making you less likely to crave sugary snacks. 

Dark Chocolate

Ignore this tip if you’re lacking in will power. A SMALL amount of dark chocolate i.e. one cube is helpful in curbing your appetite. It’s also perfect for those who feel like they can’t get through the day with at least one small treat.
HOW: Firstly the bitter taste of this decadent treat works to reduce your appetite. Secondly, the steric acid in dark chocolate slows down your digestions which will leave you feeling full.

Cold Meats

A quick protein boost is a sure fire way to curb a rumbling tummy. Buy some sandwich fillers from your local supermarket or cook a piece of chicken breast at home and keep it in your office fridge for easy snacking.
HOW: Any foods rich in protein will keep you feeling full in between meals  


Baked beans on toasts make a cheap healthy lunch that will and also act as a natural appetite suppressant. For an extra fibre and taste boost, opt for mixed pulses.
HOW: Beans and pulses are a brilliant source of bulky fibre which will leave you feeling satisfied well into the afternoon.

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