Thursday, 3 January 2013


On the way into work this morning we counted 12 different adverts for keeping fit, loosing weight, beating January and starting afresh. Everything from TV ads, spam emails, billboards and newspaper articles are all pushing the same message. A message of new starts, different approaches and healthy choices.

By now we've all settled back down into normal life and work and are no doubt thinking about the barrage of junk food we consumed over the festive break. In the interest of striking a happy healthy balance it's time to put a fresh twist on the things we're eating.

To support you with this, we've put a new slant on our regular Friday post. Our shiny new #FitFruitFriday posts will provide you with tasty nutritious recipes for snacks and drinks that will help you to banish the baddies and succeed in your new healthy lifestyle.

But fear not, if you've not bowed to the healthy eating pressure you can still browse through our #BoozyFruitFriday posts. Just click on the tab at the top of the page to scroll through them all. We will be coming back to it and adding new posts in the future - as soon as we think we can stomach it!

Look out for our very first #FitFruitFriday blog post tomorrow.


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