Saturday, 6 October 2012

Watermelon Can Prevent Heart Attacks and Weight Gain

We've all heard the phrase, an apple a day will keep the doctor away however new research suggests that we may have gotten the fruit wrong.

Latest research suggests that watermelon could be a key tool in fighting two of the UK's biggest killers. The severity of heart disease and obesity has grown in the past few years, so the idea that one fruit could harness the power to combat them is incredible. Here comes the science bit.

Scientist discovered that mice who were fed high fat diets had their levels of bad cholesterol halved when they drank watermelon juice. This was compared to a control group of mice which ate the same diet but were only given water to drink. They also found that watermelon helped to control weight gain by ensuring there were fewer fatty deposits left in blood vessels.

The secret behinds watermelons wonder powers have been attributed to a chemical called citruline which is found in the juice

We wonder if Vodka Watermelons count? Probably not. 

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