Friday, 18 May 2012

Papples?! Strange, hybrid fruits that actually exist

We've all been in that situation when you're tucking into your portion of the office fruit box and found that someone's taken the last of your favourite fruit. Staring at that apple you've been left with and wishing it was a pear? Wish you could taste both a tangerine and a grapefruit in one bite? Or just wish you could have a perfectly square melon? Well, scientists have been making dramatic leaps forward in the field of mucking about with fruit and although most fruits listed here you'd either have to break into a research lab or fork out a lot of dosh for, all of them will make you scratch your head in wonder and bewilderment.

Wayne Truong - Flickr

If you hadn't guessed already, the T109 - lovingly dubbed the papple - looks like an apple but tastes like a pear. Grown in New Zealand, it's a cross between European and Asian pear varieties and is the latest fruit hybrid to hit the headlines with hopes it will be grown in the UK by 2015.


Commonly known as minneolas, tangelos are a mixture of tangerines and either grapefruit or pomelos. They're the size of an adult fist and have the taste of a tangerine whilst being much easier to peel. The tangelo is also easily distinguishable by it's 'nipple' on the top.

Laughlin Elkind - Flickr

Square Watermelon

The brainchild of a Japanese farmer almost 30 years ago, the watermelon was grown in a square shape as a way to easily store it in a fridge and to cut it without it rolling around. The watermelons are grown in glass cube moulds and due to the extra effort required in growing, not to mention it's convenience and unique shape, it is sold for the equivalent of around £70 in Japan!

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