Monday, 21 May 2012

Diets For The Office

The dieting season is officially here. All over the country offices will be buzzing with the sound of plans and strategies on ways to get fit for summer.

Whilst a healthy workforce is beneficial to a company, unhealthy dieting methods certainly are not. Dramatically reducing calories or over excising can leave people feeling tired, weak and unable to concentrate on a full days work.

By taking a few small measures, companies can support their colleagues’ weight loss efforts without it becoming a dominating factor in the office.

Group exercise
Been meaning to make use of that neglected meeting room? Clear it out and hire a local fitness instructor to come in put on classes after work a few times a week. This outward sign of support may also help to discourage over exercising and will unite the office.

As the most important meal of the day, it is astonishing that so many dieters choose to skip it. Encourage colleagues to have a healthy breakfast by providing cereal, skimmed milk, and yoghurt. Organising an early fruit delivery in London will ensure that there is always some thing there in time for breakfast

Take The Stairs
We’ve all been told that taking the stairs everyday can help to burn off a few calories. Place a sign on the lift doors encouraging office workers to do just that.

Having a regular supply of fruit delivered to the office is one way of ensuring there are always healthy snacking options around. Other healthy office snacking options are nuts, chopped veg, crackers.

By supporting the workforce in their attempt to reach their fitness goals, employees can avoid the dieting season having a detrimental effect on their company's productivity. 

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