Tuesday, 20 March 2012

5 Steps to 5 A Day

The verdict is out – in fact it has been for some time now – we should all be eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. To many, this number still sounds pretty daunting however if you break it up throughout the day, you’ll soon be reaching 5 A Day, every day in no time.

Most of us tend to rush breakfast in favour of a few extra minutes in bed before the daily commute begins. Therefore an easy option is required if we are to get the first of our 5 A Day in before 8.00am. Dried fruit is one of the easiest ways to get one of your portions in the morning. It can be bought in bulk, lasts for ages and can be added to other things or eaten alone.

·         Add a handful of dried berries to your cereal or porridge
·         Grab 3 dried apricots as you head out of the door
·         150ml of any pure fruit juice

Morning snack
For those who need caffeine hit as soon as the get to the office, add a piece fruit to your routine. Not only will you get your second portion in before midday, it will also give you  an extra energy kick. Two down, three to go!
Lunch time in the office; try adding some simple extras to your staple office lunch.

·         Slice 1 tomato and add it to your sandwich
·         3 carrots

Afternoon snack
If you feel like you’re starting to lag in the office, reach for potassium packed banana from your office fruit delivery to give you a much needed energy boost

Round off your day with a well balanced dinner, including one or two portions of veg.

And you’re done! You’ve achieved your 5 A Day in 5 easy steps. To order the right amount of fruit for the people in your office, take a look at our fresh range. Having two FRESH range deliveries a week will ensure that each person in the office can get two pieces of fruit every day.

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