Friday, 3 February 2012

Office Snacking


You may want to give this a read before you reach for the office biscuit tin……..

A new survey has revealed that some women are consuming a whopping 650 calories every day in office snacks alone.

VouchersCodes conducted a survey and discovered that 87% of women asked admitted to snacking unhealthy snacks at their desks. The top naughty treats were chocolate, biscuits and crisps.

Once the calories were totted up, it was revealed that over half of the women questioned (51%) were consuming between 650 and 750 calories in snacks alone. This amounts to around a 3rd of the daily recommended intake for a woman.

To make matters worse, most women claimed that it was boredom or being social that caused them to snack on sugary, fatty treats – not hunger.

Only 9% of women questioned were indulging in a reasonable amount of snacking, consuming 150 – 250 calories at their desks

By tucking in to your office fruit delivery and swerving the muffins, you can make sure that you are in that healthier 9%.

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