Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanksgiving Fruit Gobble

Tomorrow, Americans across the land will be celebrating Thanksgiving. They will be dusting off their turkey baster and preparing to cook up a feast no doubt full of sweet, sugary fatty delicious goodies. Mmmmmm.

In an attempt for find a healthy offering for a Thanksgiving celebration, we stumbled across this cool Fruit Gobbler.

If you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving this year, you can pretty much do the same thing for Christmas.

We’ve fiddled with the recipe slightly to make it even more fruit friendly, however you can find the original HERE.

To create the FFTO Fruit Gobbler, here is what you will need
  • Pear – for the head
  • Melon – for the body
  • Raisins – for the eyes
  • Grapes – for tail feathers
  • Cheese cubes – for the beak and tail feathers
  • Slice green and red apples – for the side feathers and feet
  • Wooden skewers and toothpicks – for attaching

  1. Start off by cutting a slice from the side of the melon to create a steady base for it to stand
  2. Take the pear and attach it to the front of the melon using a section of a skewer
  3. Attach the raisins and cheese with sections of toothpick to form the eyes and mouth. Use a slice of red apple to make the classic turkey gobble
  4. Create some tail feathers by alternating cheese cubes and grapes along skewers. Place these across the back of the melon body as pictured
  5. For the side feathers attached slices of red and green apple to the side of the body
  6. Create some feet using some slices of red apple

Stand back, admire your work, then let the masses indulge!

Happy Thanksgiving from FFTO

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