Monday, 21 November 2011

The 'King' Of Fruits

I use the word ‘king’ very loosely here. Across South East Asia, there exists a peculiar fruit called the Durian which goes by the largely inappropriate nickname ‘King Of Fruits.’ The Durian is a large round fruit with a thick green spiky outer husk cocooning a soft yellow flesh inside.

I bet you’re imaging something sweet, rich, full of flavour and oozing with an aroma that would make you want to eat more and more. Something regal, fit for a queen. Something delicious.

Well let me stop you right there, for the King Of Fruits is none of the above. In fact, the King Of Fruits is something that is regularly banned from hotels across Asia and would no doubt be banned from your office fruit delivery too. Not sounding so regal anymore is it?

The Durian fruit has such a repugnant smell, that you can find yourself slapped with a fine just for allowing it cross the threshold of a hotel in Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. Odour comparisons for this majestic offering have included vomit, gym socks, sewage and rotten onions. We assume the ‘King’ part of the nickname comes from the look of the fruit as it surely can not be for the smell!

Many people say that once you tuck into the flesh, it actually tastes delicious. I for one could not get past the smell so never did quite make it to the delicious part. I think I’ll just take their word for it.

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