Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Are you working in the healthiest industry?

Since the birth of Fruit For The Office, we’ve always served clients from a wide range of industry backgrounds. Our fruit is enjoyed by everyone from shop workers to office workers, teachers and tech guys.

But we wanted to see which industry (if any) was more behind the Office Fruit cause than others. So, over at Fruit HQ we decided to look into our top 300 customers to find out exactly that.

We discovered that a whopping 24% of all orders came from clients in the creative industry.

The 300 clients came from 19 different industries all together including banking, non-profit and retail. Clients in the creative industry order 4 times the average amount of our fruit than clients from the other top industries.

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know how passionate we are about fruit and we really believe in all the benefits that providing office fruit can have. We spoke to one of our Fruit Ambassadors to see how our fruit benefitted them.

The Office Manager of Media Equals says ‘Our team looks forward to our delivery of fresh, chilled fruit for the office every Monday morning. They offer an extremely reliable and prompt service. We have changed our habits since getting our Fruit For The Office delivery and we are happier and healthier getting at least one of our 5 a day!’

Fruit for the Office deliveries also help to reduce the amount of sugary snacks that staff members consume. Sugary snacks often lead to a sugar crash and a noted slump in office productivity. Looking after employees’ health and well being is a benefit to employers as it can help to reduce sick days and improve over all motivation.

People in the creative industry have clearly cottoned on to this, and are treating their workers to a regular supply of delicious fresh fruit from Fruit for the Office. 

  • The 300 customers used for this study are the top grossing regular customers who have ordered fruit from Fruit for the Office in the last two weeks.
  • Clients in the creative industry include media companies, advertising companies, communication companies and publishing companies.

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