Thursday, 13 October 2011

National Chocolate Week

You all know that we are completely passionate about fruit, however over at Fruit Towers we can’t resist a bit of chocolate too. And believe it or not, the boys are actually worse than the girls! So when we found out that it was National Chocolate Week, we knew we had to let our fellow Fruit Ambassadors know that now is the time to indulge!

National Chocolate Week runs from the 10 – 16 October this year and is a big fat celebration of everyone’s favourite sweet treat. The team hold events and tasting sessions all over the country where chocolate lovers can indulge in their not so secret obsession.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you of a few of classic chocolate fruit combos to help you combine your fruit box with your chocolate fix.

Banana split – Take a banana, split it, drizzle on chocolate and cream. Couldn’t be simpler.
Good ol’ Chocolate Fondue – Melt the chocolate, grab some fruit and dip. Delicious
Chocolate covered berries – Whether strawberries raspberries or even cherries are your thing – this desert is easy to make and hard to resist.
Pear and Dark Chocolate – check out last week’s blogger of the week if you want some inspiration.

Have a good chocolate week!

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